9 Reasons To Lock Your Bedroom Door

In this article you’re going to discover 9 reasons to lock your bedroom door

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1. Locking Your Bedroom Gives You a Sense Of Safety

Having a lock in your bedroom door is extremely essential when it comes to safety.

After all, locks can become an additional layer of security to your house that an intruder needs to destroy to get in.

It will also make you feel safe that no one would thoughtlessly enter your room.

2. It Helps You Gain Your Personal Privacy 

Privacy is probably one of the most important things that people consider.

Having your personal space is really vital to one’s mental health and sense of security.

Locking your bedroom door will ultimately give you the feeling of owning a space where you can feel safe and vulnerable. 

3. Locking Your Bedroom Door Gives You Peace Of Mind 

Bedroom locks are great in giving you a peace of mind.

You know that no one would be able to enter your bedroom without your permission and all things inside your room are kept safe.

Having a bedroom door lock helps in keeping your mind free from worrisome thoughts. 

4. It Helps You Protect Your Room From Burglars 

Most burglars have bedrooms as their primary target whenever they want to break into someone’s house.

This is because your bedroom is your personal private space where you keep important things and valuable things such as jewelry and money

Having a secured bedroom lock will make it difficult for burglars to enter your room and steal your things. 

I would recommend to have safes at home to keep all your valuable things such as jewelry

Which safe should you get?

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5. Bedroom Locks Are Essential To Establish Boundary 

Bedroom locks are extremely important if you have other people in your house.

For instance, if you are living with your relatives, friends, or you have some visitors, then locking your room establishes boundaries.

This will ensure that your personal space is not invaded and people would have to knock on your door to enter. 

6. Locking Your Bedroom Door Is Needed To Get Proper Rest

There are days where you feel really tired and would just want to rest on your bed all day.

Locking your bedroom door is helpful to ensure that no one would disturb your sleep and allows you to rest fully after a tiring day.

7. Bedroom Locks Prevent Disturbances 

Locking your room is quite helpful if you do not want to be disturbed.

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of things to do on your computer or on your table that require focus.

This is especially important if you work from home

Having a bedroom lock helps to prevent any disturbances from the outside. 

8. Locking Your Bedroom Helps You Escape Fire 

Believe it or not, locking your bedroom will give you more time to escape in case of fire emergencies.

Research shows that an average time to escape a burning house is 17 minutes.

However, due to many pieces of furniture that may be engulfed in flames, you would only have 3 minutes to escape. 

Based on an experimental research, locking your bedroom door would give you more time to escape your house through windows or other means.

This is because the flames would burn the door first before spreading inside the room. 

But let’s hope and pray that this never happens of course!

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9. Bedroom Locks Give You More Time To Escape 

Suppose that an intruder gets into your house and your bedroom is locked.

The intruder would have to break the lock on your bedroom door first before they can enter your room.

That short amount of time would be enough to call and alert the police or even give you the chance to escape through the window or something 

There we have it!

9 reasons why you should lock your bedroom door

Another question is – Should you close the bedroom door at night

Some people don’t lock the door but they sleep with the door wide open

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Why Should You Close The Bedroom Door At Night?

Closing your bedroom door is important to give yourself a sense of safety, privacy, and security.

Most people find it uncomfortable to sleep with their bedroom door open.

After all, you would become very vulnerable in the face of intruders or burglars too. 

Keeping your door unlocked may also somehow invade your personal space which might become a hindrance to get your proper rest.

All the important things kept inside in your room will also be at risk if you keep your bedroom open. 

Why Should I Lock My Doors At Night? 

Locking your doors at night will give you an extra layer of security.

Nothing will go wrong if you keep your doors locked.

In fact, locked doors would keep burglars away from your house as it only shows that you have a tight security.

Remember that most burglars target houses that are easy to break in, so locking your doors will deter these thieves away.

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Why Do People Sleep With Their Door Open?

While locking bedroom doors has so many benefits, some people would still sleep with their doors open.

This will depend on personal preferences.

There are people who would not be able to sleep properly if the doors are closed and locked.

Some would even experience nightmares or fear because they might feel that the room is cramped.

If you are okay with your doors locked, then it might be better to lock your room for safety. 

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Wrapping Up

Some people are confused whether they should lock their bedroom doors or not 

Locking your bedroom would offer you several advantages, such as safety, protection, and privacy.

It is better to lock your doors to also prevent any burglars from breaking into your house. 

However, there are people where they do not feel like closing and locking their bedroom.

Remember that people have their own preferences at the end of the day.

Locking your bedroom door should always be done according to your preferences and own benefits. 

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