Are Bars On Windows a Fire Hazard? 

With the never-ending reports about burglary, many people have considered and decided to have window bars to protect their homes.

These burglar bars pretty much render the thieves hopeless in using the windows to break in.

But is having bar windows really practical in general? 

Are bars on windows a fire hazard?

Bar windows are excellent in preventing burglars from using your window as their way to enter your house.

However, opting to have your windows barred would not really be practical as they pose a fire hazard.

Since your windows will become inaccessible as an entry and exit point for thieves, it will be the same for you if god forbid, a fire breaks out in your house.

The bars will trap you inside your home and will not allow the firefighters to rescue you as quickly as they would if there was no security bars 

Is It Safe To Have Bars On Windows? 

Having bars on windows have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of safety.

Your windows are one of the primary routes for burglars as their entry point 

So with that in mind it’s always a good idea to make sure you stop this from happening

You see,

They use your windows to get inside your home and also their way to safely escape.

Hence, in this sense, it is safe to put bars on your windows if you want to deter robbery.

However, this also poses a great risk for you.

Barred windows will prevent you from escaping once you are the one who needs to get out of your home.

Having bars on your windows is extremely dangerous if a fire emergency breaks out.

After all, the rescuers would not be able to save you from a burning house, trapping you inside. 

So this is something to think about if you decide to put bars in your window

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Why Do People Put Bars On Their Windows? 

Bars on the windows are also called burglary bars.

This is because these bars keep everyone safe from robbery or burglary.

People put these bars on their windows to have an additional layer of security in their homes, making them feel safer. 

This is common in neighborhoods that have high cases of burglary.

Many burglars do not only use doors as their way to get into the house, but also through windows.

By adding burglar bars, the thieves would not be able to use the windows to break in through the house. 

What you should do is always make sure your windows are locked during the night

Also, if you’re heading out, lock the windows

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Why Do Old Houses Have Bars On The Windows?

Putting bars on the windows can simply be part of preferences as well.

People who live in a bad area where burglary cases are high may be the reason why they decide to put bars on the windows – for extra safety.

Old houses who probably do not have any installed security house alarms yet might just have decided to use bars as a protection.

We can also consider the fact that older houses tend to have older designs as well.

These bars might not just be installed for security purposes, but also as aesthetic designs.

Another reason is for ventilation.

Barred windows are not entirely closed, allowing fresh air and light to get inside and circulate around the house.

How Do You Put Out Fire Bars On Windows? 

Should any fire emergency arise, escaping from barred windows might be extra difficult.

This is precisely why having burglar bars is not really recommended as they also become a fire hazard to you and to your entire family. 

Having burglar bars might not really be the best and most suitable deterrent to use

Unfortunately, you cannot put out any fire bars that easily as it might take time to be removed since they are particularly designed to be that way. 

But there are still options if you really want to put barred windows, while ensuring it as a fire-hazard free security.

Consider instead having quick-release bars which can be removed easily from the inside.

This will allow you to still prevent any thieves from breaking in, but also making it possible to have an escape route during fire emergencies (hopefully there will never be a fire emergency) 

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Wrapping Up

There are a lot of ways to prevent burglary, and one of those is to put bars on your windows.

Installing burglar bars helps you deter thieves and make it impossible for them to use your windows to break into your house. 

However, this may not be a good idea as it seems as well.

After all, these bars will also prevent you from escaping if a fire breaks out in your home.

It will also make the rescuers come to save you quickly as these bars will prevent them from doing their rescue operations.

It is recommended that you should get quick-release bars that will allow you to deter burglars, while also making it possible for you to remove them from the inside. 


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