Burglar Tapping On Window

Have you ever heard weird sounds on your windows, as if someone is tapping on it, literally out of the blue? 

You go to check and no one is there or you just wait for the tapping to stop

I would really recommend you to tighten the security of your household


Because the tapping on the window that you heard out of the blue could have been a burglar tapping on the window

Here’s why it could be a burglar

Tapping windows is a common tactic that burglars do to check if someone is home.

Remember that most of the time, burglars happen to enter someone’s house through an unlocked window or door.

These burglars would also likely tap on your windows to check the safety of your house.

Depending on the situation, it might become the call of burglars whether they would break into your house or not.

That is why you should increase the security

One way of doing this is by adding security bars on your windows 

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Anyway, let’s get into detail regarding why burglars would tap on your windows

Carry on reading!

Do Burglars Knock On Windows? 

There are times that burglars would knock on your doors or windows.

Do not fall into their trap 

Knocking on windows and doors are quite common for burglars to do. 

Burglars would never want to draw attention.

If they would like to break into your house, the very first thing they would do is check if there are any possible entry or exit points in your house.

From there, it will become easier for them whether they continue to enter your property or not. 

Now you may be wondering

Why do burglars knock on windows

It seems a bit weird right?

Let’s find out

Why Do Burglars Knock On Windows? 

Burglars may knock on your windows to check if someone is home or not.

These thieves would highly prefer it if your house is empty.

After all, it will be easier for them to steal something in an empty house. 

Burglars might just also be testing the strength and durability of your window.

They might be having thoughts of forcing an entry through them.

This is why it is also important that you always keep a high security in your house by reinforcing all the possible entrance or exit points that the burglars might have. 

How Can You Tell if Someone Is Casing Your House? 

Here’s the fact: your house was not picked as a target for no reason.

Burglars have their own ways of assessing and deciding whether a house is a good target or not.

Fortunately enough, there are some signs that you need to be aware of which might indicate that someone is casing or marking your house.

1. Unfamiliar vehicles and people nearby 

Casing someone’s house must be quiet, secret, and unnoticed.

The best way that burglars check a house is by watching and observing the property from afar.

This is usually done by having parked vehicles around the vicinity.

Some burglars might also walk around your house, observing everything. 

That is why security cameras are essential

If you’re not at home, you can keep an eye out on the outside of your property

This gives you the chance to see any unusual behavior

If you do, you can take action straight away

One thing you might want to consider is buying time lights

Timer lights allows you to control the lights in your house when you’re not there

It’s a great way of making burglars think somebody is at home

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2. Knocking On The door 

Burglars would also bravely knock on your door just to check if you are home.

Oftentimes, they would just make up an excuse, like service or package delivery.

Always remain vigilant as the person knocking on your door might already be someone planning to break into your house.

You should keep security chains on your door

So when you open it, it’s not fully open and you’re protected

Or have a peephole or even better the Ring doorbell

You can see from the camera on the doorbell who it is and you can communicate this way too

3. Taking photos of your house 

Seeing some strangers taking a photo of your house is not a good thing.

They might be burglars who want to take accurate details of your interior, outside vicinity, and other possible roads to take once they are executing the plan.

While taking photos of someone’s property is not illegal, remember that there are no good reasons to spy on other people’s homes. 

4. Mild Vandalism 

You might spot some weird markings near your homes that may appear as scribbles for many.

Unfortunately, these markings might be strong evidence that your house is being marked.

Burglars often put strange markings on houses that they want to target or if there is a detail that they need to remember, such as the state of occupants, the risk they may face, and others. 

How Do Burglars Mark Houses? 

Burglars choose houses that are considered as easy targets.

This includes houses that do not have strong security, often empty, or have great items to loot.

Selecting houses as the next target is not a decision that happens quickly.

Burglars spend countless efforts just to decide whether a house is a good target or not.

Most of the time burglars would scribble or put some strange markings on your house as a reminder for them.

These markings are codes that they use to label a house.

They may mark your house with a label of a good target, wealthy, empty house, no security, and other possible details or reminders they want to remember. 

Investing in security cameras would be a good idea to keep your home safe and secure

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Wrapping Up

Burglars might actually tap on your windows or knock on your doors as a tactic for them to check if you are home.

This is just one part of their plan in selecting houses that they want to target next.

Always remember that there are several signs that you can notice if someone is already casing your house.

This is why it is also important to have security systems to protect your house and your property against burglars.

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