Camera On Telephone Pole

In this article we will talk about if it’s okay to put a camera on a telephone pole

Is this even legal?

In the U.S. and Canada, telephone poles are private property, so you cannot.

If you are the owner of the pole, you can, but just because it is on your property does not may you the owner.

If you putting a camera on the pole, using screw/nails or anything else that could POSSIBLY be blamed as the cause of that pole EVER rotting and falling down, the owner (Telephone or Electric company) WILL most likely blame it on your installation of the camera, and bill you for the poll.

And if that poll damages anyone’s property, or injures a person…well..just don’t do it

So it’s best you don’t put a camera on a telephone pole

Can You Put a Camera On a Light Pole?

Light poles are not designed to put cameras on them

If you have a light pole near your house and you want to put a camera on it, this is most likely not allowed as it’s not your property

It belongs to the government so you’re most likely will need to seek permission

Problem is, they will most likely say no to your request

You’d rather put up cameras around your house

I know a light pole is bigger and gets a better overview of the house

But if you put cameras by the exit and entry points of your house, this should be enough

Burglars tend to use the front door and the front window to get into a house

What you should do first is make sure your front door is locked at night 

You should always make sure your window is locked too

Maybe you can get security bars for your windows

I talk about this in my article – Do security bars on windows work? 

If you got permission to install a security camera on a pole

Or maybe you have a pole outside your home which belongs to you and you want to install a security camera to it

How do you go about doing it?

The video below shows you how you can do it so do check it out!

Wrapping Up

Putting a camera on a telephone is illegal

You need to get special permission from the authorities if you want to do this although it is highly unlikely you will be allowed unless it’s your pole

I understand you want to increase security presence

The best way to do this is by installing security cameras near the entrance points of your house

This is your front door and front windows as this is where burglars tend to enter from


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