Can Infrared Cameras See In The Dark?

Security cameras work best in deterring burglary and even saving you a great time and evidence once someone breaks in.

While burglars tend to execute their plan mostly during the day, there are still cases that some robbery happen late at night.

Luckily, most security cameras are now equipped with powerful infrared technology.

Infrared cameras are able to see in the dark.

Most security cameras generally pick up the light during the day, producing vivid and clear monitored images.

However, this changes when it is dark.

Infrared cameras produce infrared light, a light that is not visible to the naked eye, making the cameras see better even if there is no light source.

This usually allows the camera to capture monitored images in gray-scale. 

Does Night Vision Work With Infrared? 

The market nowadays has been using the term night vision and infrared interchangeably.

This is creating confusion that night vision cameras are just the same as infrared cameras, even though they are not similar. 

Although they are both able to see things in the dark, night vision enhances and magnifies existing light to see in the dark.

On the other hand, infrared cameras mainly detect heat and produce infrared light, making them capable of viewing things at night as well.

Night vision cameras are also using infrared.

This light spectrum actually helps these devices to see better in the dark through the integrated infrared technology.

Night vision cameras are not only detecting and collecting all the light sources in the dark to produce vivid images, but they are also using infrared  to see better even if there is no light visible in the area.

What Camera Can See In The Dark? 

There are a lot of cameras that can see in the dark. Infrared, night vision, blink cameras, speed cameras, and ring cameras are just some of the smart security devices that can allow you to see even at night.

These cameras are particularly designed to also capture images, videos, and keep on monitoring areas perfectly without any visible light.

This is made possible through infrared light and night vision built-in technology in these cameras. 

These security cameras generally work the best in preventing crimes, like burglary.

Infrared and night vision cameras can tighten the security in your home, offices, and buildings. 

How Do You Know If a Camera Can See In The Dark? 

It is actually quite easy to spot a night vision or infrared camera, especially in the dark.

These cameras generally produce infrared light, while also enhancing all the visible light it can collect in the area.

To do this, most cameras emit green or red lights near their lenses, making it noticeable in the dark. 

If you see a camera that has a blinking light, it is highly possible that it can see well in the dark.

It is very noticeable when it is at night since these cameras will only start their night vision mode once all light sources are blocked or are gone. 

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Wrapping Up

Most security cameras today are now better in preventing burglary and other crimes.

This is because of the more empowered technology where security cameras are equipped with night vision mode and infrared to see things even in the dark. 

Infrared and night vision cameras are just two of the security cameras that you can use if you want to make your home safer and more protected.

By keeping up with its monitoring operations at night, your house, office, and other areas you want to keep safe will always remain protected from any break ins. 


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