Can Security Cameras Be Stolen

Security cameras is very important in protecting your home or business

If you have security cameras, a burglar would think twice about targeting your home

But here’s the thing

Can security cameras be stolen? 

In short – yes they can

Burglars actually would steal security cameras to make a quick buck

The problem is,

There’s not much you can do about it

The good news is

You can at least make it difficult for a thief to steal it

The worst thing is coming home to find your house has been robbed and also your security cameras too!

That’s a double blow!

Now the question is

How to you stop your security cameras from being stolen?

In this article I’m going to share with you 8 tips you can use to stop your security cameras being stolen

So if you’re concerned about your cameras, then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

How to Protect Your Outdoor Security Camera from Thieves

1. Mount Your Cameras High And Out Of Reach 

Positioning your camera is very important

If it’s too high it can mess up the view and motion detection

Putting it too low would invite vandalism and of course, someone could just steal it

The recommended installation height is 2m to 3m high

That’s about 8ft to 10ft high

When you want to set up your security cameras

Here’s some points you need to consider

  • For DVR/NVR, you should find a location where it’s easy for you take the cables or wires in and out
  • If it’s an outdoor camera, install it where you know there is good WiFi signal
  • Keep your cameras away from flammable materials
  • Make sure there is enough lighting, this will make it easier to monitor at night
  • Try to avoid putting your cameras in the corner. Bugs will cause false changes
  • Before you even install cameras outdoors, you should check the laws to see where you can place them
  • Make sure the area where you put your camera is well ventilated

These are all the points you should consider before putting up your cameras

2. Hide Your Cameras Where It’s Not Visible

Installing your cameras in hidden places is a great way of stopping your cameras being stolen

If you can’t put them in a hidden place then have another camera pointing towards it just in case you need evidence (if it gets stolen)

With the latest technology, you can get very small tiny cameras

When choosing a camera, see if you can get a color that is similar to the environment

Here are some common hidden places you can put your camera

  • Hide in PVC pipes
  • Birdhouses
  • Near bushes and plants with camouflaged colors
  • Under the eaves
  • In low voltage lighting fixture
  • Hide the security camera with camouflaged color
  • Hide the security camera with camera skins
  • Hide camera with everyday objects

One thing you should remember and it’s very important, you have to make sure the hidden position still provides a good field of view

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3. Screw The Cameras To The Wall

Fitting in your security cameras with screws to the wall will make it very difficult for it to be stolen

Thieves won’t want to spend too much time trying to take it out if it’s firmly screwed in

That is why you shouldn’t buy home security cameras with magnetic holder

Anyone can easily just knock it off and steal it

The harder it is to steal the more safe it is

4. Lock Your Gates

If you have gates in your backyard you should always keep them locked

Another thing you can do is put barbed wire or spikes on top of your gates so no one can climb over

If no one can get into your back garden or front yard, your security cameras are safe

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5. Security Camera Cage

A good way of protecting your security camera is by surrounding it with a cage or some sort of protective housing

A strong and protective cage will protect your cameras from being stolen

It’s also a great way of your security camera blending into the environment which will make it harder for anyone to see

Another benefit of a cage or housing around your camera is it will protect it from the weather if it rains or snows

6. Go Wireless

Thieves will easily be able to locate outdoor security camera just by the wires

All they got to do is follow the wire

They can easily steal it and not only that, but they can cut the wires which means no more recording

Wireless cameras are very easy to install and hide

The best thing is,

If you want to change the installation location after it has been installed, it is very easy to disassemble

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7. Check Your Notifications Regularly

In general, homeowners don’t bother checking their home security videos from their cell phone device

This is because nothing is usually happening

But you should actually develop the habit of checking just to make sure everything is okay

Regularly checking your security cameras will keep you informed about what’s going on around your house

You’ll be able to see if there is any suspicious behavior

There we have it

I hope these tips shared have given you some ideas on how you can protect your security cameras

Can Someone Steal Your Security Camera?

Yes anyone can steal your security camera

That’s if it’s very accessible and easy to steal

With the tips I have shared, you can implement them and protect your security cameras from being stolen

Now you may be wondering why would someone steal security cameras?

Because they are expensive and can sell for a lot of money

Think about it, if they are easily accessible and someone needs to make a quick buck they would steal cameras and then sell them online

With the situation we are in right now (recession) people would do anything to make some money

That’s why it is important to protect and keep your cameras safe

After all, they are very valuable!

Do Outdoor Security Cameras Get Stolen?

Yes they do get stolen


Because they are outdoors, they’re expensive so they’ll always be vulnerable to vandalism, damage and theft

Wrapping Up

So do security cameras get stolen?

They sure can

Especially outdoor security cameras

They are expensive equipment so people would want to steal them so they can make some quick cash

That’s why it is important to protect your security cameras by implementing some of the methods shown in this article

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