Do Burglars Carry Guns? 

There are a lot of ways to make us feel threatened even when we are inside our private homes.

One fear that is common to everyone is having armed intruders breaking into their houses.

Now burglars tend to avoid confrontation

So if you know there is a burglar in your home it’s best to avoid confronting them


Because you have no idea what they are armed with

Which leads to the question – Do Burglars Carry Guns? 

It is undeniable that some burglars may carry guns or any other weapons with them.

In fact, statistic-wise, around 7% of burglars have weapons with them whenever they attempt to break into someone’s house.

Though most of the time, burglars would confront the house owner with only brute force if confrontation is really inevitable.

Armed or not, confronting an intruder in your house is scary and dangerous.

It is important that you prioritize your safety first before anything else

Should You Confront a Burglar? 

It is never a wise decision to confront a burglar once you have witnessed them stealing all valuable things inside your home.

Even though you feel like you are more in the advantageous situation or you feel like you can take on the burglar, never confront them. 

Some burglars may have weapons with them in case someone has seen them while they are inside.

It is never safe to confront them as they may harm you or put your family in danger.

The best possible way is to keep yourself calm, alert, and quickly evacuate the house with your family.

Once you are outside your home, it is imperative that you call the police as quickly as possible.

However, if you are unable to leave your house, lock yourself in a safe room and keep you and your family hidden until you know the burglars have gone 

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What Should You Do If You Notice a Burglar In Your House? 

If you have confirmed that someone has entered your house, you should remain calm.

Letting yourself succumb to panic and fear will only bring you harm as it will only cloud your judgments.

Hence, the very first thing you need to do is to stay calm even if it is quite difficult in the situation.

Once you feel calm, quickly leave your house along with your family.

Never ever confront the burglar inside your home because it is quite dangerous.

After all, the burglar might have a gun or a weapon that may be used to harm you. 

You can also take shelter in a safe room, such as a bathroom, if leaving your house is not an option.

A bathroom is a safe option because burglars would never look there

Or you can quickly hide in the closet or in anything that can keep you hidden and safe until the burglary is over.

If possible, call the police, so they can quickly catch the burglar. 

Do Guns Deter Burglars? 

Having guns or other weapons inside your home might make you feel safe, thinking that these weapons would keep the burglars away.

Unfortunately, it is not true that guns deter burglars.

In the worst case scenario, it may even encourage burglary into your home. 

Guns are valuable loot that burglars would really like to have.

After all, they can not only use it to protect themselves against you.

These intruders would also use guns to arm themselves when they break into another house to rob 

This is why guns may be a double-edged sword for you.

They can deter burglars at some point, but they can also be the reason why these burglars have entered your house. 

Instead of a gun, you should invest in security cameras or an alarm system

This would deter burglars to an extent

I say extent because some burglars simply don’t care

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Are Burglars Usually Armed?

Luckily, burglars are not usually armed.

According to statistics, there is at least a 63% chance that a burglar who has entered your house has no sort of weapon to use for defense.

Still, this does not give you the excuse to fully confront them. 

Burglars would usually enter someone’s house when it is empty.

This is because they do not like to have any confrontations with anyone inside the house.

Catching someone’s attention is the least thing they want to happen because the people might alert the police 

That is one reason why sometimes a house may get robbed but nothing has been taken

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Wrapping Up 

Although burglars do not usually have guns with them, it is still best to never confront them once you see them inside your home.

Always remember that the best course of action to take is to leave the house or hide in a safe room where burglars can not get you.

You should also notify the police to end the crime happening inside your home and keep you and your family safe. 


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