Do Burglars Come Back a Second Time?

Have you ever wondered if burglars would come back to a house that they have already raided once?

After all, some houses experience multiple burglary cases in their house quite frequently. 

So people may question – Do burglars come back a second time?

Unfortunately, burglars would likely come back to the houses that they have robbed

This is because they are already quite familiar with how they can plan out their entrance, escape, and even to the things that they would need to steal the next time around.

This is why it is highly important that you take action to tighten your house security to avoid the horrible experience of burglary again.

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Will Burglars Come Back After a Failed Attempt? 

If you think that your house is safe after you protected it against burglars once, then you are wrong.

Burglars would never feel discouraged just because of one failed attempt.

It will only mean that they just need a better plan to break into your house and steal something.

By this time, they are more aware of your security, house interior, and the location of items that they want to steal.

Burglars would likely come back after your house, regardless whether the first attempt was a success or not.

If you feel like your house is being watched, you should inform the police as soon as possible

Another thing you can do is, if you’re out at work, it might be a good idea to buy light timers

This device allows you to control the lights in your home so you can switch the lights on when you’re at work

This will make it look like somebody is home

Burglars would avoid breaking into a home if they know someone is in it or at least it makes it less likely

It’s a great way of tricking burglars

Talking about tricking burglars

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What Time Do Most Robberies Occur At Night?

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, robberies do not actually happen at night or well at least not as much they should 

While it is quite logical that these thieves must do their plan when everyone is sleeping, they are thinking differently. 

Robberies mostly happen during daylight, particularly between 10 am and 3pm.

This is because intruders would prefer it more if the house is empty, so there is no chance of being caught on-hand.

This time period is when houses are empty, given how people are often out in the daylight for their work or daily activities. 

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How Likely Is It To Get Burgled Twice?

Unfortunately, repeat victims are quite common.

Most victims still tend to be careless even after being burgled once.

This is because they do not really expect that the thief will come back when it has only been a short time after most items have been stolen.

Research actually revealed that 1 out of every 3 house burglary victims have been burgled once already.

It accounts for around 25% chance within one week and 51% chance within the same month after the first intrusion.

Do Burglars Target The Same House Twice?

Unfortunately, yes.

Burglars target the same house again as the second and next attempts will definitely become easier.

Burglars are already familiar with your house – the passages, entrance and exit points, and even the valuable items that could be replaced or could be the next target items.

In fact, repeat victims are common enough that multiple break-ins may happen within one week or one month.

After all, you would probably not think that the intruder would come back right after a successful crime.

That is why it’s very important you should lock your front door at night

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How Long Do Most Burglaries Last? 

Have you ever wondered how long it would take for burglars take to steal most of your belongings?

In short – how long would a burglary last

In reality, thieves would only need a short amount of time to enter your house and get your most precious things inside your home.

According to the FBI, burglaries will only take around 8 to 10 minutes to steal almost everything they can steal.

Some expert burglars would probably only need around 90 seconds or approximately less than 2 minutes to have a successful robbery.

Crazy how fast they work right

If you ever come face to face with a burglar, it would be best to avoid any confrontation

Why? Because you have no idea what they are capable of

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How To Tell If a Burglar Is Watching Your House? 

You should always stay vigilant, especially if your home is in a neighborhood that has a high rate of burglry cases.

Luckily, there are some hints you can take and observe to know if your house is being watched or would likely become the next target. 

Some suspicious events that you need to watch out for are unknown vehicles parked in the vicinity of your house, strangers walking around your house or neighborhood, taking pictures of your house, and even strangers knocking on your door, offering some services or products you do not know of. 

If you’re not at home, a security camera that is linked to your cell phone can make it easy for you to keep an eye out who’s hanging about near your house

Should You Move After a Burglary? 

Moving after being a victim of a burglar is a wise choice if it is an option for you.

After all, burglary may be quite traumatic and may put you under serious stress.

You may start feeling anxious, unsafe, and quite stressed after someone has violated your personal space or home.

However, installing security will also be a great option.

Taking action and putting your home security as top priority would definitely protect your home and family against burglars.

It will also significantly help to deter them away and make sure that it will not happen again.

Wrapping Up

Burglary will not happen only once, but multiple times.

Unfortunately, it is likely that burglars would come back after a successful attempt.

This is because they know how valuable your house is and they can make it successful again once they are already familiar with their plan.

Unfortunately, they may still come back even if something went wrong with their first try.

Burglars would just need a better plan to execute it properly.

Hence, it is always recommended to install a home security in your home for protection. 


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