Do Burglars Go Upstairs

In this article we are going to talk about if burglars go upstairs when they are robbing a house

Hopefully, this never happens to you but it’s always best to be aware and have some sort of knowledge how burglars work

So the question is – Do burglars go upstairs? 

Yes, burglars do go upstairs

First they would search downstairs very quickly and get whatever they can get their hands on

They would then go upstairs and search even more quicker

This is assuming nobody is in

If you’re sleeping, then a burglar would not come upstairs because they would want to avoid any confrontation

But do remember, if they are brave enough, they will even come upstairs whilst you’re sleeping

I would advise you to not confront the burglar as you have no idea what they’re carrying and what they’re capable of

Yes, burglars would rather avoid confrontation and run away but it’s just not worth the risk

Burglars may even kill too!

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Where Do Burglars Look First?

This really depends

If you’re not at home, then the first stop would be upstairs in your master bedroom

Why’s that?

Because most people keep their valuables in their bedrooms so it’s no surprise a intruder would look there

Think about it, where do you keep your jewelry and money?

Most likely in the bedroom right?

That is why a burglar would go there first

If you want to keep valuables at home you can of course

Here’s the thing – you need to make sure it’s out of sight completely or at least in a safe

This way you know it’s safe

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One thing you should keep in mind is burglars may even steal safes!

Depending what safe you use, it may be easier for a burglar to steal the safe and then crack it open when they get a chance

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Pretty much any house they know that are easy to target

Or even homes they know have loads of valuables inside

They know this by keeping an eye out on your home and what you’re doing

It could even be because you have a very flashy car so that means you have loads of money

Another reason is through the window they have seen flashy things

Here’s the thing

Homes that are well secured with CCTV and alarm systems would be least likely to be targeted

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Homes that have less security would be an easy target for burglars because they know they’re less likely to be caught

Empty homes are another easy target

That is why most burglaries happen between 10am – 3pm as most people are not home

One way to make your house look like it’s occupied is using timer lights

You can control the lights at your home from work

This way, you can switch on the lights randomly to make it seem like somebody is home

You should definitely invest in a CCTV surveillance system so you can access your home from anywhere and see if you notice anybody acting suspicious outside your home

If you do, you can switch on the lights to make it seem like somebody is home

A great way of tricking potential burglars

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Most burglars enter the home using the front door

So you know what that means right?

You need to make sure your front door is locked

You gotta make life very difficult for a burglar to break in

The idea is to make them give up

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One thing you can do is put security bars on your front door

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Another way burglars enter the home is through the front window

You should always make sure your front windows are locked
Always double check before you go bed that your windows are locked
That’s what I do
Maybe you can put security bars on your windows
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Another way burglars enter is through the back door

That means you of course need to make sure your backyard door is locked

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Ideally you want to make sure your whole house is secure and monitored because you just never know when your house may be targeted (Hopefully never!)

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Do Burglars Break In When You Are Sleeping?

Most burglaries happen during the day when nobody is at home

That is usually between the time of 10am – 3pm

But that doesn’t mean they won’t break in at night

Some burglars prefer the night because it’s dark and they’re less likely to be seen

So when you are sleeping they would break in IF they spot an opportunity

Hopefully they wouldn’t because you took the precautionary methods of making sure everything is locked

If you want to prevent a break in at night

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Wrapping Up

Burglars do go upstairs if you’re not at home

It’s the first place they’d go because they want to check your bedroom as they know most valuables are kept there

If burglars break in during the night, they would check downstairs first

Some burglars would even go upstairs and confront the home occupant

This can be rare as most burglars would want to avoid any confrontation

To stop this from happening, it’s very important to secure your house and make it safe

Using CCTV and alarm systems is a great way of preventing burglary

Now I know, CCTV surveillance systems are expensive

What you can do is save up and in the meantime use fake cameras

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