Do Burglars Kill Dogs?

Dogs are not only great family members, but they are also one of the best guards and deterrents against burglars.

Of course, even if they are the best in terms of protecting your home, it also means that they are also risking their lives for you.

If you own a dog, it is likely that you also treat them as your family member.

Just be aware that dogs may get hurt in an attempt to scare away a burglar that breaks into your house (hopefully this never happens)

Unfortunately, some burglars are brutal enough to kill these precious animals.

Hence, it is more recommended to get your home a security system to not only protect your homes against burglary, but also prevent your dogs as being the first line of defense against these criminals. 

Would a Burglar Kill a Dog?

Unfortunately, burglars would kill a dog especially when they are attacked.

Some burglars may carry a weapon with them just in case if they confronted for example by a dog or even by the homeowner 

Some may even deliberately carry a weapon to kill your dog if they are really desperate enough to break into your home.

If you do not want to impose a serious risk to your dog’s safety, it would be a good idea to consider investment getting a home security alarm instead.

Here’s another thing to remember,

Burglars may not just kill the dog but certain burglars are capable of killing people too

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Do Dogs Scare Away Burglars?

Dogs scare away burglars, and that is why having these animals guarding your home is precisely why people get dogs sometimes.

These dogs, especially the large ones, become the deal breaker of burglars as well.

If the guard dog is a large and aggressive breed, most burglars would never target such a home.

But it does not mean that small dogs get pushed away.

Remember that burglars would never want to catch any attention.

Small dogs also have the instinct of barking at a stranger, which may already become a risk for the burglars 

Barking gets attention and burglars would not want that!

Are They Scared of Dogs? 

Burglars tend to be scared of dogs, especially of the large and aggressive breeds.

Of course, this is because dogs may get aggressive and even hurt burglars once they are spotted by these guarding companions. 

But this doesn’t mean a burglar would not target a house with a dog

Some burglars are brave enough to confront a dog and as mentioned earlier, they would even kill a dog

Are Burglars Scared Of Small Dogs? 

Any dog, regardless of size, is an effective deterrent against burglars.

Large dogs look more intimidating, aggressive, and pose more a physical threat to burglars.

This is the reason why they are extremely great at preventing theft.

However, small dogs also pose the same effectiveness in terms of deterring these thieves.

Small dogs tend to be noisier and bark more at strangers.

They would also bravely bark at any unknown person that may come into their owner’s house.

Since small dogs usually have loud barks as well, this may catch the neighbor’s attention, scaring the burglars away.

Do Robbers Break Into Houses With Dogs?

There is a reason why dogs are also considered to be the first guard or protectors of the house.

This is because they are seriously effective against theft.

Most convicted robbers have claimed themselves that dogs are usually a deal breaker for them.

Meaning to say, these burglars would not target a house with a dog because they pose too much risk.

Large dogs are intimidating and scary guards, while small pups are noisy and attention-getters.

Will My Dog Bark If Someone Breaks In?

All dogs have instincts to bark at someone they do not know, especially if they sense that it is an intruder.

Whether your dog is a large, terrifying breed or a small pup that oozes with absolute cuteness, they will bark if someone breaks into your home.

Dogs that are not professionally trained will usually only bark at the intruder, while also maintaining a safe distance.

This is because they do not know how they would put up a fight against a man.

However, trained dogs, especially the large breeds, would definitely not back down. 

Would My Dog Protect Me If I Was Attacked?

Dogs are deemed to be the best friends of humans and it is really true.

Dogs may switch to protective or aggressive mode just to defend or guard their owner.

Trained dogs are even capable of attacking the person who is harming their owner without mercy.

However, even the small and untrained dogs would also do their very best to defend you.

This only shows how dogs are really precious beings as they really treat their human parents as their own family members to protect. 

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Wrapping Up

Dogs are wonderful companions and protectors.

They are extremely effective against burglars and any intruders that would break into your house.

Dogs scare away the burglars, regardless of their size because of the threat they carry.

However, know that while dogs are doing an excellent job in protecting your home, they may also get hurt in the process if the intruder is armed. 

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