Do Burglars Kill

In this article we’re going to talk about do burglars kill? 

We will also discuss what you should do if you see a burglar in your house

Also, how you can stop your house from being burgled

Tips and tricks to protect your home and valuables

Let’s get started!

Do Burglars Murder?

The last thing anyone would want is their house to being burgled

But the scary thing is when you encounter them whilst they’re robbing your house

It can be a scary and dangerous situation

You just don’t know what a burglar is capable of

Some burglars are dangerous and would kill whereas others that are not violent may just run away if you confront them

As with everything, there is a risk

You don’t want to take a risk with a burglar because at the end of the day a burglar can kill and commit murder

That is the grim reality

Especially if they are violent and are known to be dangerous

They don’t have anything to lose

Or due to the adrenaline and not thinking straight they can do something out of anger (kill) which they would regret later on

So the best thing to do is not take any chances if you see a burglar and not to confront them

Do Burglars Break In When You’re Sleeping?

Typically, when you think of a burglar breaking into a home, we think it happens during the night

But in reality, and this may surprise you, they usually break in during the day

Research suggests that most burglaries happen between the time 10am – 3pm

This is because nobody is at home as people go to work and the kids are at school

Which means it’s the perfect opportunity for a burglar to enter an empty home

Less risk involved

But this doesn’t mean they don’t break in at night

Some burglars are smart and brave enough to break into a house during the night

I guess these burglars are the experienced ones or they know how to break in at night

So it is very important to make sure you have home security installed in your home

This would act as a deterrent for burglars

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How Do You Scare Burglars Away? Here’s 8 Tips!

Forget letting a burglar enter your home, they shouldn’t even think about it!

How do you go about scaring burglars away?

Here’s 8 awesome tips you can use and implement to not just scare burglars away but they wouldn’t even consider your home as a target!

1. Keep your garden tidy 

You want to make sure your garden is kept neat and tidy

There are no overgrown bushes, remove any clutter

If you want to keep flowers or plants then under the window keep thorny plants

Why do all this?

You don’t want to give burglars a chance to hide anywhere in your garden

If they have a hiding place, this is perfect for them to hide from eyes such as your neighbors or people walking in the street

A large open space would deter burglars approaching your home

You should also install cameras which leads me to my next point

2. Install CCTV cameras and surveillance system

A CCTV or surveillance system will make a burglar think twice

Last thing they want is to be recorded on camera

If your house has Cameras all around the house pointing at the doors and windows it would act as a good deterrent

Yes, some burglars are brave enough to still rob a house with cameras but at least it reduces the threat by a lot!

There’s no harm putting CCTV around the house

It would definitely be a wise investment

I know it’s expensive but it would be worth it

Now if you can’t purchase a surveillance system then it might be a good idea to use fake cameras for the time being

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3. Use a fake security sign sticker 

As mentioned earlier, if you can’t afford a camera you can put dummy cameras around the house

Use stickers and display them where it’s visible so people can see it

This will make burglars think twice about targeting your home

4. Outdoor motion sensor light 

Burglars like the dark because they can’t be seen

Install a motion sensor light in your backyard and front of the house too

The minute a burglar steps into your backyard the light will go off

That will take them by surprise and hopefully make them run!

You should put these sensors high so burglars can’t reach them

5. Keep your car keys next to your bed or in a safe! 

If you hear someone in your house or you see someone in your house (a burglar) it is scary

So having a panic button on your set of keys would be a good way to create a commotion

Burglars would hopefully make a runner as soon as they hear a loud noise!

Ideally, you should have an alarm system but if you don’t a panic button on your set of keys would be good

If you have a brand new car then burglars would want to steal it

Hide your car keys in a safe where it’s not easily accessible

Some people have woken up in the morning and notice their car has gone!

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6. If you’re gone away, pretend someone is at home! 

Burglars love an empty house

Easy target, no fuss and there’s no way they’re getting caught

That’s why most burglaries happen during the day between 10am – 3pm

This is because people are at work or gone to school

If nobody is going to be at home you should purchase those sensor lights

This will give you the ability to on the light at home or turn on some appliances

It will make it look like you’re at home when you’re actually not there

One important thing to remember is, if you’re going on vacation, don’t advertise on social media

Lots of burglaries happen because they got info you’re gone away for two weeks

If you have gone on vacation, ask a neighbor to collect the mail, pick up and flyers or newspapers from your doorstep

If it’s snowing then you should ask your neighbor to leave tracks

Untouched snow means nobody is at home

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7. Improve Window

You should definitely have double glazing window done if you don’t have it

Double glazing is much stronger and tougher to break into

Burglars use the window as an entry point

Another thing you can do is add window bars

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8. Guard dogs 

Guard dogs are a good way of scaring off burglars

Burglars would not want to be bitten by a dog

Nor would they want a dog to bark and get attention

If you don’t want a guard dog, you can pretend you have one at home

Have a dog food bowl in the yard and maybe a muzzle and leash

Put these in a place where people can see

If you want to go even further you can use a dog barking sound effect or even a old dog home to make it even believable

Why You Should Never Confront a Burglar

The best thing to do if you know there is a burglar in your home is to never confront them

You see, most burglars would use weapons or be armed and they would not hesitate to use it if they are confronted

It’s a fight or flight situation

It’s not worth the risk of putting yourself and your family in danger

The best thing you should do is escape the property and call the police

Here’s what you should do if your home is being burgled and you’re inside

Escape the property 

The best thing you can do is escape the property without the burglar knowing

Try to get yourself and family out of the house as quickly as you can

That way you’re not in harms way

Most important thing is you and your family are safe

Some of the most common exit points of your home are

  • Windows
  • Back door
  • Garage door
  • Roof access

You should think ahead and always have a plan in place before anything happens

Hopefully your house is never robbed but it’s always best to be proactive and have a plan

Stay quiet and hide in a room

If you can’t escape then you should get your family and hide somewhere

The best place would be a bathroom as burglars won’t look for anything in the bathroom as there is no valuables there

Stay quiet and calm

Don’t make too much noise

Call the police if you can

You can try and alert someone close to you by text

Call the police

Call the police as soon as you can

If you’re in a hiding spot try calling without making too much noise

If you have managed to escape, then run as far as possible or stay at your neighbors and call the police

Negotiate with the burglar

If by chance you happen to come face to face with the burglar then remain calm and negotiate

Let them take what they want so they leave

The most important thing here is your life and your family’s life

Materialistic things can be replaced but your life can’t

Burglars won’t want a confrontation so they would most likely take what they want and leave

Once they have left, call the police and try to describe who they were as best as you can

Fight back

This should be done as the very last resort if you have literally no option

But hopefully this never happens and your house never gets robbed

You should avoid fighting as much as possible

If you have to fight stay strong and show the burglar you’re not scared

This may scare them and they will run

One important thing to remember is you are putting your life at risk if you do fight back

The best thing is to let them take what they want and leave

What To Do If You Hear a Burglar

If you hear noises in your house and you think there’s a burglar remain calm

Try to take your family in a hiding spot – the bathroom is a place where burglars would less likely look

Avoid confrontation and call the police as soon as you get the chance

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Wrapping Up

So do burglars kill?

They can if they feel the need to

Although it is rare, you don’t want to take the chance and confront them

You just don’t know what weapon they have and what their intentions are

Some burglars are very dangerous and they wouldn’t hesitate to kill

It’s best you avoid confrontation and let them leave with whatever they take

Your life and your family’s life is far more important

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