Do Burglars Take Safes?

We all know that most of us tend to secure and store away all the important documents and even huge sums of money in safes.

After all, people are confident that no one would be able to open it and take all the things inside.

But is it really secure to have safes?

Burglars, unfortunately, may just take away your safe if it is not really stored properly.

This is also the same if you only have a light safe where it can be taken away easily.

Safes are still an important part of your overall home security as it is a great place to keep all the most valuable things you have.

However, make sure that you select a safe that is highly-secured and would not easily be broken or stolen.

Another important thing is, not allowing burglars near your safe

How do you do that?

By having awesome security around your house like CCTV

Can Burglars Steal Safe? 

Safes can still be stolen by burglars.

If you own a portable safe, you know that they are not actually bolted or embedded on the floor.

Since they can be quickly removed, burglars may just opt to take the safe and open them somewhere else. 

This is why it is important to select a safe that is high-quality and would not budge even if the thieves would do something to break or damage them.

After all, people put their most important belongings inside them, so it is natural for the burglars to target them.

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Can Burglars Break Into a Safe? 

You might have purchased a safe, thinking that burglars would never be able to break into them.

While safes are designed to store important belongings and protected from burglars, they might not be as sturdy as you might think. 

Safes come in variation: some may only have thin or light metal that can easily be broken; some are made up of extremely strong materials impossible for burglars to damage.

Make sure that your safe is something that cannot easily be open using a pry bar.

Burglars are intelligent enough to try various things just to take all the things inside away.

Make sure that you do not carelessly put any hints, codes, and most importantly, the exact password of your safe anywhere in your house. 

Can Safes Be Stolen?

Safes, unfortunately, can be stolen.

Some burglars would just opt to take the whole safe away and break the code elsewhere.

Since their action must be quick, they do not really have the luxury to figure out the code and take the things inside.

Hence, taking the safe instead is quicker and more practical for them.

However, not all safes can be stolen.

These are only a few of the versions that are not bolted on the floor.

Stolen safes are usually the ones with lesser quality as strong safes tend to be anchored on the floor to prevent thieves from stealing them.

How Do I Keep My Safe From Being Stolen? 

Luckily, there are still ways you can do to protect your safe.

If you own a safe that is not really high-quality in terms of storage, then you might want to do some precautionary measures

One perfect example is to keep your safe hidden from the burglars.

Most safes are stored in the bedroom, hence burglars target these rooms first before everything else.

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You can either choose a location in your house where you can conceal your safe or have a secret compartment for it. 

Another thing you can do is anchoring.

Safes that are not bolted in the floor have higher chances of being stolen.

You can buy bolt anchors or have professionals embed the safe on your floor to make it difficult for the thieves to remove it. 

Where Is The Best Place To Keep a Safe In Your House? 

If you want to make your safe extra protected from burglars, consider the location where you are going to keep it.

There are a lot of places in your house where you can keep your safe.

It is just a matter of preference and sometimes, situations. 

Generally, the best places are the walls, floors, inside a cabinet, and even on a shelf.

Just make sure that your safe is not merely put down on these locations, but are actually anchored or embedded.

Try to also have them professionally installed, so you can be at ease knowing that burglars would have a very difficult time stealing them.

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Wrapping Up

Burglars may take your safe if it is not properly stored and secured.

This is why you should always make sure that your safe is anchored against the wall, on the floor, or stored inside a cabinet or place.

Thieves know that safe holds the most important things in your house, hence it would be the first thing they want to take.

Some burglars are wise enough to break into them, such as by inserting a crow bar and breaking the door.

This happens when your safe is only made up of thin metal that can easily be opened.

If you want to keep burglars away from your safe, make sure you also have a stronger and sturdy safe. 


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