Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Robbery has always been one of the most common and fearsome criminal activities.

This is why there are a lot of security devices available now in the market, including fake security cameras.

However, do these cameras actually work against burglars?

Is it good enough to trick them?

Let’s find out

Security cameras, in general, are intended to deter thieves that would make an attempt to break into your house.

This is true for both real and fake security cameras.

Fake security cameras are effective to deter burglars, but only at a certain point.

Veteran criminals would most likely not fall for this trick as they are perfectly aware how to distinguish real security cameras from fake ones.

Once they have figured out that you are using a dummy camera, then it is most likely that they will be confident to rob your house 

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Do Fake Security Cameras Look Real? 

Fake security cameras are invented to appear real and deter crimes.

Of course, they would look real.

A burglar that is a beginner or anyone who is not used to seeing these devices would find it difficult to determine that a security camera is, nothing, but a replica or fake. 

However, there are a lot of hints that may give away the truth about these fake security cameras.

Many burglars who know how to identify what is real and what is not would find it really easy to figure it out.

That is why you should be aware of the cons of a fake security camera  

Do Fake Security Cameras Have Wires? 

Fake security cameras may appear wireless and also wired.

This is to mimic perfectly the real ones and potentially strengthen the trick of these cameras.

However, the cables of these fake security devices often serve as a hint for burglars to identify it as fake. 

In fact, wireless fake security cameras are more likely to be revealed as a replica.

After all, most burglars know that the real ones most likely have wires with them.

However, buying a wired fake security camera will not guarantee you any protection from burglary. 

This is because there is a lot of difference between the cables of the fake cameras from the real ones.

Real security cameras have thick, heavy-looking wires attached to the device itself, compared to the thin and single-wire that a fake camera has. 

Do Fake Security Cameras Have Lights? 

One of the reasons why fake security cameras appear real at a glance is because of the lights.

Most fake security cameras nowadays have blinking red lights on them.

This is to make the fake security camera as real as possible which can potentially scare burglars. 

In fact, most blinking lights present in these cameras are really bright.

They are quite an attention-getter for many as they are purposely designed to get attention.

However, this is also a faulty feature because most burglars know that real cameras do not have blinking lights, let alone be discovered. 

Will a Fake Security Camera Deter Burglars? 

While there are a lot of hints that reveal fake cameras, it may still work effectively against burglars.

These fake security cameras are still good enough in preventing any attempts to break into your home. 

However, deterring burglars that are already good at executing these crimes would make these fake cameras useless.

After all, these criminals are keen enough to figure out that you are using fake security cameras in one glance.

Hence, it might be better to just invest in a real security camera to fully deter these burglars

It would certainly be a wise investment!

The main thing is to protect your home and valuables

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Tips On How To Make Your House More Safe And Secure 

There are a lot of better ways to make your house safer more than just by installing fake security cameras.

Know that tricking burglars would always not work as some may just be better and wiser enough not to be fooled.

By installing real security cameras, you would already significantly make your house more secure.

You can easily monitor any burglars who may want to make an attempt to break in.

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Consider installing other security devices such as smart doorbell and motion-sensor lights that may help you deter burglary better.

Make sure that you also keep your windows and doors locked especially if you’re leaving the house.

Put a double lock in any possible entry and exit points around your house.

This will keep burglars away as they will find it pointless to break into a house that has difficult entries. 

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Wrapping Up

Fake security cameras are now also trendy in the market as much as how real cameras are

These cameras still do their job at deterring burglars, but not as effective as what real security cameras can perform.

At best, you can only trick dummy burglars who are not experienced with these fake security devices.

Most fake cameras have blinking lights and may also come with cables.

Though they may appear real, burglars who are smart and clever would most likely figure out that you are using fake cameras just because of these very same features. 

It is best to invest in a real security camera


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