Do Security Bars On Windows Work?

There are now a lot of options that you can choose to strengthen the security of your house and make sure your home is safe and secure from burglary 

Many people get themselves their own alarms, but some still want extra security which of course is always a good idea 

Most of the time, people try to look for ways to also add protection on their windows as this is an entry point for burglars

If you are looking for ways to burglar-proof your home aside from security cameras, you might consider getting security bars designed for windows.

Having barred windows is really effective against burglars.

These bars will prevent anyone who would attempt to break into your house.

Hence, these burglar bars are perfect as an extra layer of security. 

Should I Get Bars On My Windows? Pros And Cons 

Securing your home will always remain a very important thing any homeowner should do 

There are now a lot of security devices you can install, but not everything will be effective and suitable for you.

Nowadays, window security bars are making a trend in the market.

But should you really get them? 

Let’s look at the pros and cons


It is undeniable that security bars have great advantages.

Here are some of the benefits that you can reap if you decide to make your windows barred. 

Effective against burglary 

Windows security bars are also called burglar bars.

This is because they are so effective in preventing thieves from entering your house using your windows.

They also deter burglary quite excellently as the bars will only make a burglars plan difficult to be executed. 

Great for ventilation 

Most of the time, you would need to lock and tightly close your windows to keep burglars out.

This practice is really a nice precaution against thieves, but they are also preventing light and fresh air from entering your house.

Security bars may help retain your house’s proper ventilation while also preventing any burglaries or crimes to happen. 


While security bars are wise to have, be informed that there are still cons of having them.

Here are some disadvantages you need to consider as well.

It traps you inside 

These security bars will absolutely not help you in times of emergencies, especially if a fire breaks out 

Window security bars will trap you as they cannot be removed from inside of the house.

This is crucial when you need to escape your house from any emergencies, like fire. 

Does not look good from the outside 

These bars, more or less, can make your house look like a prison from the outside.

Having these bars might just ruin the overall design of your home.

It can also become quite annoying for some people as it obstructs a possible perfect view you can see from your windows. 

How Safe Are Burglar Bars? 

Burglar bars can keep you safe as they are quite effective against burglary.

This is really helpful if you are currently living in a neighborhood with a high number of cases of burglary.

Most people buy burglar bars for security purposes against crimes.

However, these bars are also fire hazards.

Since these additional layers of security cannot be removed from the inside, it can trap you inside of your house.

Burglar bars may also prevent your rescuers from saving you once a rescue operation is needed. 

Do Window Restrictors Stop Burglars? 

Window restrictors, also known as security bars, stop burglars.

These security layers will keep the thieves from entering your home as it will be impossible for them to fit into the tiny spaces.

Hence, many people consider putting barred windows for extra security. 

It also helps in deterring burglary as well.

These restrictors are quite effective even against veteran thieves who typically use windows as their entrance and exit points.

Once you have restricted windows, it is impossible that burglars would not even attempt to break in. 

Are Security Bars On Windows a Fire Hazard?

Despite the advantages of putting security bars on your windows, it may actually come with a serious consequence.

Though these bars are something you can really rely on in terms of protecting your home against thieves, it is the opposite for fire emergencies. 

Security bars are actually considered as fire hazards since these grilles prevent you from escaping during fire breakouts.

These bars cannot be removed from the inside and are actually quite difficult to do so.

It is likely that barred windows will only prevent you from immediately leaving your house or even allow rescuers to save you. 

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Do Window Grilles Add Security? 

Window grilles are excellent security add-ons.

They are especially helpful to protect your homes against thieves.

After all, these window grilles would make it impossible for them to get inside your house.

Remember, most of the time, thieves attempt to break into empty houses through doors or windows.

Hence, adding security grills  would significantly reduce the chances of your house getting robbed. 

This leads me to my next point

Are security grilles worth it?

Are Security Grilles Worth It? 

Security grilles could be a nice investment to have for the sake of adding protection to your house.

After all, these window bars are quite effective in preventing crimes, such as burglary, from occurring. 

However, just make sure that you make an informed decision first.

These security grilles, although helpful against thieves, might not be really worth it for fire emergencies.

They can trap you inside as they are really difficult to be removed quickly, especially during a state of panic.

Rescuers might also take time destroying them which is extremely critical as your lives might be at stake in fire emergencies. 

There are other plenty ways of keeping your house safe

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Wrapping Up 

Security bars are a great addition to your house’s overall security.

They make great deterrents against burglary as the tiny spaces in these grilles will not allow anyone to pass through 

Having these bars on your windows would keep burglars away and prevent any break in attempts.

However, make sure to create a wise and informed decision before having security bars on your windows.

Though they really work against thieves, it might not be a good idea to have them as they are fire hazards too.

Nevertheless, these bars can make or break your entire home security. 




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