Do Security Cameras Prevent Home Burglary

In this article we are going to discuss do security cameras prevent home burglary

With the cost of living a sky high and people losing their jobs

Burglary and robbery may be common now as people need food

I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do but people are pushed into doing this

Some people just rob houses for fun and it’s something they have been doing for a long time unfortunately

This is just part and parcel of life which is sad

For you, the most important thing is to protect your home and your valuables

Now a question may arise if security cameras stop home burglary

In short – Yes it can to an extent

It won’t stop it completely but it will make your home less likely to be targeted

That is why it’s important to install home security

It sure is a wise investment

Let’s get into more detail

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Do Home Security Cameras Stop Your House From Being Robbed And Broken Into?

You should definitely invest in a home security camera to stop your house from being robbed

It may not be a 100% bullet proof plan

But it does reduce the chances of your house being targeted by burglars and that is of course a good thing

Homes that do not have security cameras will be an easy target

For example,

Your house has security cameras everywhere which is visible to everyone

Whereas a couple of houses from you, a house does not have any security camera at all

Think about it, which house would a burglar target?

The house with no security right?

So yes, it does deter burglary and it would be a very wise investment to purchase home security cameras for your home

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Do Cameras Put Burglars Off? 

There have been incidents where despite cameras, burglars have attempted to rob a house

They have even been successful

So I wouldn’t say it puts them off

But it would certainly deter new burglars or burglars that are not confident

Another benefit is, if a burglar had a choice between a house with cameras and without cameras they would rather try and rob the house with no cameras as mentioned earlier

Some burglars are very brave and can be violent

They wouldn’t care about cameras

What they do is cover their faces

Overall, it would be beneficial to have cameras in your house

How Do You Stop Burglars From Targeting Your Home?

If you want to stop burglars targeting your home then here are 10 awesome tips and tricks you should definitely consider

1. Install a burglar alarm system 

This is obvious and pretty much mentioned in this article

A burglar alarm system remains one of the most popular and effective burglar deterrent

A very wise investment that can potentially keep your home safe and save you money and protect your valuables

Talking about valuables you should definitely have a safe at home

Which one should you purchase?

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2. Motion activated outdoor lighting

Burglars tend to stay away from well lit and visible areas as the chances of being caught are very high

So a motion activated outdoor light would definitely make a burglar think twice

It would be a good idea to have your home fitted with motion activated outdoor lighting

3. Guard Dog 

A dog is a mans best friend but they can also be great at deterring burglars

Burglars would avoid properties where they can hear barking dogs

The last thing they’d want is to cause a commotion by dogs barking

They wouldn’t want to risk alerting neighbors and most importantly they would want to avoid being bitten!

4. Maintaining your surrounding landscape 

What do I mean by this?

Make sure your yard, garden is all well maintained and clean

Trees, bushes, and shrubs that haven’t been trimmed and is overgrown gives burglars a great hiding place

It also makes it seem the house is empty

Clean your front and back yard!

5. Multiple Door Locks 

It has been recorded most burglaries that happens, criminals break through the front door which is either by the locks or kicking the door in

Nowadays, burglars are becoming more clever in the methods they use to break into a house

They have the capability to open single locks on your doors

If you have a single lock on your door you’re pretty much allowing burglars easy access into your house

It won’t take them much effort

That is why having multiple locks on each doors of your house is a good idea

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6. Installing CCTV Surveillance System 

Installing a CCTV surveillance system throughout your house would be one the best choice you could possible make to keep your home safe and secure

A burglar that sees a house that is full of CCTV recording everything would not take the risk to break into the house

It certainly gives your house protection

As I mentioned earlier, a burglar that had a choice between a house with CCTV and a house without any CCTV, they would obviously target the easier house (without CCTV)

I’m not saying they’d never target a house with CCTV as some burglars are brave enough to risk it

But CCTV does give you that extra security

You can get cameras that have night vision too so you don’t have to worry about it being dark (Related article – Can infrared cameras see in the dark?)

If you find it too expensive or you simply don’t have the budget to purchase a CCTV surveillance system, you could put fake security cameras around your house for the time being until you have saved up enough money to buy the real thing

I would strongly advise you to purchase actual CCTV because burglars would sometimes figure out a fake security camera

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7. Internal Timer-Operated Lighting 

You may be surprised  to know that burglars tend to break into properties during the day between 10am – 3pm

Why is that you ask?

Because burglars know, at that time nobody would be home as people go work and school

So an empty house would be targeted

The good news is, you can actually make your home look occupied even when you’re not there

You can purchase light timers which means you can set a timer to turn some of your lights or appliances on during the day

Honestly, technology has advanced to such an extent that you can turn on lights at home even when you’re not there!

This is a great way of giving the impression that somebody is at home when you’re not there

A pretty smart way to trick burglars

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8. Double Glazing Security Glass

If your home does not have double glazing, it may be a good idea to get your windows double glazed

I know it’s not cheap to get double glazing but when it comes to protecting your home and your valuables, it’s definitely worth it

Windows and glass panels on doors are a particularly vulnerable area for burglars to target as they can easily smash the glass and gain entry

So if you have doors with glass panels, I would recommend changing them to laminated glass which is a stronger material

Or you can replace them with security glass which is much stronger and tougher to break

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9. Be Smart Online 

Social media has pretty much taken over our lives

We share all sorts of information to the whole world but you should really think about what sort of information you share out there

Noel “Razor” Smith, a former bank robber who carried out more than 200 burglaries and served a total of 32 years behind bars, explained that “Bragging about your holidays on social media is an absolute no-no. It’s just saying ‘come and burgle my house’. Organised gangs are having a field day”.

So if you’re going on holiday, don’t share it with social media

The last thing you want is coming back from holiday and seeing your house broken into and all your valuables stolen

With that said, this leaves me to my last point

10. Hide Valuables From Sight 

It is likely burglars have seen some sort of valuable possession in your house that will make your home a target

Maybe it’s a new TV, a brand new Laptop or the latest cellphone, Jewellery or even money

You should keep all valuables hidden and out of sight

Especially jewellery and money

That is why it’s important to have a safe at home

Hopefully it never happens, but if your home has been broken into and your valuables are hidden in a safe, burglars won’t have access to it

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What Time Do Most Burglaries Occur?

Surprisingly this happens between the 10am – 3pm

This is because nobody is home whereas night it’s more of a risk for burglars to enter the house

During the day people are at work or school so an empty house is much more convenient for burglars

That’s why as mentioned earlier, having light timers would be very useful and a good way to show your house is occupied even when you’re not in it


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