Does Eating In Your Room Attract Bugs?

While one of the best ways to chill and rest in your room is to eat and you know snack on things, it might not really be a good idea to be honest!

Of course, although finishing that Netflix series while eating chips sounds like the best way to spend your day, you better get ready for the consequences. 

What consequences is that?

When you eat in your room, you are more than likely going to attract bugs!

This is not really a good experience, since it might disturb your rest from time to time.

Most people also eat in their bed which will only make things worse! 

Remember that even if your room appears clean after eating, the fallen crumbs will still attract bugs.

Curious what kind of bugs?

Well, it will mostly be ants and cockroaches! 

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Why Shouldn’t You Eat In Your Bedroom? 

Eating in your bedroom is somehow an irresistible temptation.

Most people would prefer eating in their room while doing something, such as watching movies, playing games, and other things.

While this feels relaxing and seems to be a great time to enjoy your rest days, it is not entirely a good idea.

There are several reasons as to why you should not eat in your bedroom.

Although it is still a preference at the end of the day, there are still consequences that you would not like to have.

For instance, eating in your room would result in overeating and mindless eating. 

However, one big consequence is that you will attract bugs in your room!

Due to the crumbs that fall off when you eat, ants and cockroaches might find their way in your room and having bugs in your room is not something you’d want! 

I mean would you be able to sleep peacefully knowing there’s cockroaches or ants walking about in your room?

I certainly would not be able to sleep!

Do People Eat In Their Bed? 

It is likely that you have tried eating on your sofa, while watching a good series you have been eyeing for.

Now, you might have probably been watching the same series while eating on your bed.

Surely, it is understandable as eating in bed really heightens up the experience and relaxation we feel in our room.

In fact, this is quite a common habit of us – eating in bed.

Around 17% of people take their meals in their bed.

Some polls also revealed that people prefer eating in their bed as it is more comfortable than sitting in a chair and a table. 

What Happens If You Eat In Your Room? 

Eating in your room would only attract bugs, particularly cockroaches and ants.

If you are someone who feels scared of these bugs, particularly cockroaches, it might even make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable. 

Obviously, this beats the purpose of having a complete, peaceful rest in your room.

Eating in your room would also result in some problematic consequences.

You might start eating too much because it can result in mindless eating.

You might also have trouble with sleeping as your brain would start to associate your bed and your room with eating, not resting. 

That is why it’s not a good idea to eat in your room

Should You Keep Food In Your Room? 

It is best not to keep food in your room as it might attract pests and bugs to your room, unless you have a mini fridge where you can store them safely.

However, this practice is still not recommended.

After all, having food in your room would only serve as a trigger to you to eat inside your room or in your bed. 

Not only will it only reinforce keeping that bad habit, it might just pave the way for other harsh and not so good consequences to show up. 

Wrapping Up

Eating in your room is not a good idea.

In fact, even though most people prefer to eat in their bed due to the comfort and coziness it brings, it is a bad habit.

Eating in your room while doing other things might only lead to mindless eating, resulting in overeating as well. 

It might also make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable in the long run as you will always be bothered with ants, cockroaches, and other bugs.

This is because eating in bed will surely have fallen crumbs that will only attract these pests. 


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