Found a Slug In My Bedroom

Slugs are quite rare to find in a house or even in a bedroom.

Although these slimy, slithering creatures may appear gross and creepy for others, they are generally harmless.

Here’s what to do if you find a slug in your bedroom.

Finding slugs inside your house and in your bedroom would mean that your house has something that they need, such as food and moisture.

They are commonly found in the garden and pipes as they are quite fond of darkness while looking for food and a good environment.

Occasionally, they might go inside your house which you can surely get rid of without a problem.

Let’s get into more detail in this article  

Why Are There Slugs In My Bedroom? 

Slugs do not have bones nor a strong shell.

Their slimy body allows them to squeeze into spaces, while looking for food and moisture.

Finding slugs in your bedroom generally does not mean anything.

It is even possible that the slug has come across your bedroom by accident. 

In fact, there is a low chance of finding a slug itself in your room, especially during the day.

These creatures are nocturnal and it is likely that you will only find their trails.

If you keep finding slugs, then a pipe or something that is damp and a perfect environment for them is nearby. 

What To Do If There Is a Slug In Your Room? 

Although some people may find them disgusting, creepy, and horrifying,slugs are harmless.

They do not bite, attack,or harm you in any way they can.

In fact, they might even take a very very long time just to reach you within arms reach. 

You can just simply remove them in your room to get rid of them.

Since they are harmless, there is no real need for you to kill them as they are only wandering to search for food and home.

Try to also seal any gaps that they used to enter your room to ensure that it will not happen again.

Is It Normal To Find Slugs In Your House? 

It is not really normal to find slugs in the house, unless your home has a damp area or environment that they may find attractive.

Slugs love dark places and moist areas, so unless your house fits that condition perfectly, then it is uncommon to find them.

In fact, slugs are usually found in pipes, drains, and gardens.

Try to check if there are any leakage or damp problems in your house if you always find these slithery slugs inside your home.

Do Slugs In The House Mean Damp? 

Your house may be damp and has a lot of moisture if you always find slugs inside.

This is because slugs are particularly attracted to areas that have dampness.

They also love cool and dark places, so if your house has these conditions, then slugs will become attracted. 

Where Do Slugs Go During The Day In Your House?

Slugs are nocturnal creatures and you would not find them in the day, let alone exposed under the sun.

Hence, slugs will go hide in the dark and damp places during the day.

If they are in your house, it is most likely that you will not also find them anywhere, unless you really go looking for them 

In fact, only around 5% of the slugs can be seen above the ground.

Most likely, they are under the ground like in pipes, drains, and anywhere that is dark, cool, and damp. 

Do Slugs Lay Eggs? 

Slugs are harmless; they cannot bite, attack, or do anything that will cause you to experience pain.

Though they cannot harm you, it does not mean that you should let them stay in your house.

This is simply because slugs breed extremely quickly in a short span of time.

In fact, slugs lay eggs in clusters.

Each cluster has over 80 eggs and it will only take them a few weeks to a month to hatch them, depending on the temperature.

The worst part is that a single slug will lay over 500 eggs in their lifetime – and they are all hermaphroditic in nature.

Meaning to say, both male and female slugs can lay eggs. 

How To Get Rid Of Slugs? 

There are a lot of ways to get rid of slugs and they are all easy and cheap.

In fact, if there is little to low infestation of slugs, you can just simply remove them by hand and drop them off in a soapy water to kill them.

If you find slug trails inside your home, trace them back and put salt into the trails and even their entry points.

Slugs absolutely hate salt and it will kill them once they come in contact.

You can also make use of slug traps which is probably the most humane way of getting rid of them.

Make sure you also seal off any gaps in your house where slugs can use to enter. 

Wrapping Up 

Slugs are harmless, slimy creatures that love cool, damp, and dark places.

You will commonly find them in gardens and pipes, though they might also enter your room in an accident while searching for home and food.

Since they are extremely harmless, you can simply remove the slugs in your room or use salt or slug traps to kill them.

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