Easiest Way to Open a Sentry Safe with a Combination or Key

We want to keep our most valuable assets in the safest place possible. Sentry safes are one of the most reliable options to safeguard our belongings. But people face difficulties opening a Sentry Safe for various reasons. Do you know How to unlock a Sentry Safe? If not, then don’t worry.

Because as an Old Sentry Safe use I know how it work and I will discuss How to open a Sentry Safe with a combination or key in this article.

It is impossible to go to the bank every time to keep valuable assets. Moreover, one may need to keep valuables at home because of a sudden emergency. In this circumstance, a sentry safe can be a lifesaver. But some people don’t understand the procedure to open it. Thus, they have to suffer a lot.

So, I have come to explain How to open a Sentry Safe with a combination or key. Besides, you will get to know answers to some of the frequently asked questions. So, let’s start.

What is a Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe is one of the leading producers of safes. Since 1930, Sentry Safe has been a famous name in America for offering genuine security products. They provide safes for household usage, industrial and private enterprises.

Sentry Safe produces a wide range of safes to meet the diverse security needs of its clients. The purpose is to enable the American people to keep their belongings safe from theft, fire, flood. Some of the key safes are security safes, document safes, pistol safes, cash boxes, business safes, portable safes, etc.

They use steel in their safes to give the sentry safes a sturdy and durable construction. Sometimes, precious things get destroyed by fire and water. Thinking of this feature, they also produce fire and water-resistant safes. Besides, you will get ETL and UL-rated units to enhance the security of the safes.

How to Open a Sentry Safe with a Combination Code

Sentry safe provides either a combination code or key to open a sentry safe based on your model types. You will get the combination code in the user manual. So, let’s figure out how to open a sentry safe with a combination code. You must follow the below steps to open a Sentry Safe with a combination:

  1. Open the safe door
  2. If your safe has any shipping screws, remove them
  3. Check the user manual to get the combination code. At the back of the user manual, you will find another card where you will get all information about the safe. Look for the code in that card. Most often there is a sticker on the code. The code is a set of 3 number digits partitioned by hyphens. For instance, 54-12-27.
  4. Insert the key into the keyhole if you have a double key or a combination model. Place the key in the unlock position. But you will see the handle of the safe is still in a horizontal position that shows a locked position.
  5. To unlock the safe, spin the dial to number “0.”
  6. Now spin the dial to the right side or clockwise. Cross the number ‘0’ three times. Repeat the procedure until you come to the first number of the combination code.
  7. At this time, you have to do the reverse procedure of the first one. Now, spin the dial to the left side or counter-clockwise and cross the second number of your code once. In the second time of crossing the second number of the code, stop turning.
  8. Spin the dial to the right side again and reach the third number of the code. Now, don’t cross the third time, rather reach the number on your first attempt.
  9. Wheel the handle of the safe down and open your sentry safe.

Sentry Safe Opening Suggestions

  • Once you get the combination code, it is better to write the code on paper.  keep the paper in a safe place where you have easy access. Because people often lose their user manual card and face trouble recovering the combination code.
  • Always turn the dial from number “0.” Otherwise, you can’t unlock the sentry safe even after dialing the combination code.
  • Don’t over-spin the dial. Otherwise, you may need to dial again the code.

How to Open a Sentry Safe with a Key

You need to follow the below steps to open a Sentry Safe with a key:

  1. Put the safe in a plain yet sturdy place. So, the safe can’t move when you are opening the sentry safe.
  2. Look for the key that comes with the safe.
  3. There is a keyhole in the middle of the sentry safe. Insert the key into the keyhole.
  4. Push the key and then spin the key to the unlock position
  5. Turn the handle down
  6. Open your sentry safe.

How to Open a Sentry Safe with a Combination Code and Key

Some sentry safe features a dual lock system where the user needs both key and combination code to open it. Most electronic sentry safes have this feature. One needs to follow the below steps to open a sentry safe with a combination code and key:

First part: Use the key

  • Find the key and put it into the keyhole in the sentry safe.
  • Rotate the key to the unlock position
  • Pull out the key from the keyhole

Second part: Use the combination code

  • Find out the combination card and look for the 5-digit code. Often manufacturers provide the combination code in the name of “Factory Code.”
  • Write the combination code on the safe’s keypad.  If you enter the wrong number by accident, wait for a few minutes to reset. Then type the code again.
  • After entering the correct code, the keypad will light up green.
  • Turn the handle down within 4 seconds of entering the code on the keypad. Otherwise, the lock will activate again and you have to repeat the same process.

Quick Tips:

  • Keep the manual card and key in a box. Thus, you can unlock the sentry safe whenever you need.
  • Type the combination code carefully. Too many attempts to open the safe can block you to type the code for a certain time
  • If you see that the light does not turn green after entering the correct code, check the battery. You may need to change the battery in this condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Open a Sentry Safe When the Key is Lost?

One can open a sentry safe without a key by using a knife, screwdriver, or paper clip. But it is better not to try these methods except in emergency conditions.

One can unlock the safe with a knife by following the below process:

  • Collect a small knife with a wide tip
  • Enter the tip of the knife in the keyhole
  • keep moving the tip around the keyhole
  • There are possibilities to open the safe after a few attempts

You can also use a screwdriver instead of a knife if you don’t find any knife with a wide tip.

How Do I Reset the Combination?

It is too wise to reset the combination code when the door is open. Because it will protect you from being locked out. One will need two codes to reset the combination:

  • Factory code: You can never change the factory code.
  • User code: You can change this code.

Process of resetting the combination:

  • Open the sentry safe’s door
  • Delete the current code by pressing the P button. If you have an older version, press the PROG button
  • Type “00000” in the safe
  • Write the 5-digit factory code on the keypad. One may need to type twice the code in older models of sentry safes.
  • Now your current user code is deleted. To reset the code, type the factory code again.
  • Type the new 5-digit code as per your choice within 4 seconds.
  • To verify the code, type the new user code again.
  • Enjoy your new code.

Full Guideline Here: Reset & Reprogram Code for a Sentry Safe.

Why Won’t My Sentry Safe Open with the Key?

The most common reason may be that you are spinning the key in the wrong direction. Every sentry safe has a certain direction in which you must turn the key. If you can’t open your sentry safe by turning the key on the right side or clockwise, turn it to the left side to open the sentry safe or vice versa.


It is one of the most challenging things to keep valuables protected. A sentry safe is a live-saver in this consideration. But most people face trouble opening the sentry safe due to lack of knowledge or loss of manual cards and keys.

In this article, I have discussed “How to open a sentry safe with combination or key.” Besides, I have mentioned some useful tips. I believe if you follow the procedures and maintain the tips, you won’t face trouble unlocking a sentry safe anymore.

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