How To Prevent Break Ins At Night?

We know why we tend to put extra security in our homes every night – to prevent burglars from breaking in.

It is quite common to hear reports and incidents about robbery that happens at night.

After all, when everyone is asleep, it is the perfect time for burglars to execute their plans and rob a house

With this information in mind, how can you exactly prevent these criminals from entering your house and steal everything they can?

One best way to prevent burglary from occurring is to improve your home’s security by installing security alarms.

By making your house appear risky to break in, you are already doing a great job in preventing break ins at night. 

If you need to be away for a while, make sure you set up a good system where you can trick these burglars.

Securing all possible entry and exit points in your house will also make it hard for the thieves to make an attempt. 

Do Burglars Break In At Night? 

While we often see or watch robbery scenes in the movies happening at night, this is actually not quite true.

While it is possible and there are still cases of night burglary, most of these crimes happen during the daytime.

At glance, breaking in while everyone is sleeping seems effective.

Unfortunately, this is not how most burglars think.

These thieves tend to execute their plan at daytime, specifically between 10am and 3pm. 


This is because burglars prefer to enter someone else’s house when nobody is home.

Hence, thieves usually make their attempts while the sun is still up because people are mostly outside – either in the office or school. 

How Can I Protect My House At Night? 

While most burglary crimes happen at daytime, this does not mean that you should become complacent and not carry out any precautions at night.

Burglars may enter your house anytime of the day, as long as they believe that they can successfully execute their plan.

To protect your house at night, make sure that you keep your alarm system on.

This may either be security alarms or security cameras.

Make sure that you also secure every door and windows you have to ensure that nothing can be used as an entry point and exit point.

If possible, it would be a good idea to use double locks to protect your house as well. 

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What Is The Best Deterrent For Burglars? 

Of course, there are various things you can do and purchase to protect your house from burglars.

There are already a lot of burglar deterrents available in the market, ready to purchase and install.

But which of these deterrents are the best to use?

You will never go wrong with installing home security devices in your house.

Based on reports, having security devices, primarily home security cameras, drive most of burglars away.

This is because these cameras are enough to scare the thieves as there is a risk of getting caught when these devices are monitoring.

Other deterrents that work best for burglars are outdoor and motion-sensor lighting, smart video doorbells, alarm system, security gates, and dogs. 

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Do Burglars Break In When You Are Home? 

Absolutely not.

There is a very little chance that burglars will break into your home while you are inside, unless they miscalculated and think nobody is around.

These criminals will only attempt when they think or know that no one is inside your home. 

This is why burglaries tend to happen during daytime when people are usually at work or school.

Thieves are confident that they can steal something without getting any attention from other people, most especially from the owners.

This is why robbery happens more frequently in daylight than night. 

Does Leaving a Light On At Night Deter Burglars? 

Leaving a light on at night is also effective in deterring burglars.

After all, it is a great sign that someone is home and that house should be avoided.

Burglars tend to prioritize homes that are dark and do not have any sign of people inside. 

However, if you simply leave a light on, but you leave hints that could make the burglars realize that the house is empty, it is useless.

Thieves do not only use lights as their basis to determine if someone is home or not.

They have many signs to consider, such as your driveway, mailbox, and even your yard. 

Wrapping Up

Many people think that burglary happens at night when everyone is sleeping.

In reality, this is not true.

These crimes are most likely to happen during daytime when nobody is home.

Burglars prefer to break into homes that are empty which often happens when people are in their work or school.

Nevertheless, installing burglar deterrents is important as they will save you and protect your house.

Some best deterrents against burglars are home security cameras, motion-sensor lights, and security alarms. 


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