How To Trick Burglars? 

You know how scary it is to go home, only to find out that your beautiful home has been robbed.

Burglary is one of the most common crimes that happens in any neighborhood.

What should you do to trick these burglars and keep your home safe even if you are away? 

This is what I’m going to share with you in this article

Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can do to trick burglars.

Thanks to technology, keeping your home safe from them is easier.

One way to fool these robbers is to utilize a smart-lighting system that will allow you to control the lights in your house even if you are away.

You can also consider turning on your television or make use of FakeTv devices.

It is also a good idea to install motion-sensor lights to scare away the burglars by forcing them to attract attention. 

What Do Burglars Fear Most? 

Having a secured home will not only make you feel at ease, but also ensure that everything that is valuable inside your house is safe.

With that in mind, it is best to invest in burglar deterrents to scare these thieves such as:

1. Home-security cameras 

Placing security cameras in your house, especially in risky places, will help you keep these burglars away.

After all, your house will already be marked as dangerous or risky for them to break in. 

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2. Motion-sensor lights 

Having high-quality motion-sensor lights will also be enough to scare any burglars targeting your house.

Burglars hate attention.

They want to break into a house without any notice.

When these lights activate by detecting their movements, it is likely that their plan will be thrown off as they are getting attention.

This will put them off coming to your house and most importantly protect your house and valuables

3. Smart video camera doorbell 

Place a video camera alongside your doorbell and you could easily monitor anyone who is trying to get into your house.

You can also capture their voice, picture, and have solid evidence against these burglars with these devices. 

But the best advantage you can have by installing smart-video camera doorbell in your home is that you can easily scare potential burglars away by speaking to them directly or immediately calling the police. 

How Do You Trick a Robber? 

Tricking robbers are pretty easy nowadays due to a lot of smart devices you can install in your home.

Generally, you have to make these burglars think that there are people inside your house.

But how do you do it exactly? 

Here’s three awesome ways

1. Install smart light systems 

Consider installing smart-light systems in your home where you can freely control your lighting.

You can maximize these systems by automating the switch of these lights, making burglars think that there are people inside your house. 

This will stop any burglars entering your home as they usually target homes that are empty

2. Have fake (or real) security cameras 

If you do not have any security cameras yet, you can consider installing fake ones first.

There are fake cameras that you can buy to trick the burglars thinking they are being monitored. 

3. Make TV noise

One of the best ways to make these thieves think that you are inside your home is to create TV noise.

There are devices that can imitate TV noises or even show TV reflection from the inside of your house. 

This will make burglars think people are inside and will hopefully stop any potential burglary

What Is The Most Common Entry Point For Burglars? 

If you want to trick burglars, of course, you have to know which are their most common entry points.

This will help you identify and strategize where to put your burglar deterrents the most, so you can trick them effectively. 

The most common entry point that thieves use is the front-door.

It may really seem straightforward, but remember that burglars would never attempt to break into a house if they think that it is risky.

They use front doors because it is easy and, after all, they are confident that there is no one inside their target house.

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These burglars also check and use windows in your first floor, your back doors, and garage doors.

Make sure to keep an eye on these places as well to ensure your safety. 

What Houses Do Burglars Avoid? 

If you want to fool burglars, the best method is to mimic the houses that they will surely avoid.

Generally, make them think that someone is inside your house to make them hesitate in fulfilling their plan (which is to rob your house)

The houses that these burglars mark as risky are usually with cars in the driveway, frequent lights, TV noises, and houses that have a lot of security systems installed.

These thieves also avoid houses that have dogs, especially large ones that are really scary and intimidating. 

How Can I Make My House Impossible To Break Into? 

If you want to make your house burglar-proof, make sure you invest in a really great security system.

This includes security cameras, video doorbells, double locks, and any other devices that will help you make your house safer. 

Try securing your doors and windows with a double lock that is extremely difficult to break.

Install security cameras and smart devices around your home that will make thieves feel scared and at risk. 

Following these methods will significantly help you turn your house into something that will not only keep the robbers away, but also impossible to break in even with many attempts. 

It is a very wise investment to secure your homes with security cameras and other devices

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Wrapping Up

Burglary is one of the most common crimes that happens in any town or neighborhood.

If you are someone who is always away from your home with your family, then it might be best to consider making your house burglar-proof. 

To do this, make sure that you make it look as if someone is inside your home.

There are a lot of tricks that you can do to fool these thieves.

Installing security alarms and systems around your home will also help significantly in making your house appear risky and impossible to break in. 


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