I Think Someone Is In My House

If you think someone is in your house it can be frightening

Especially if they are an intruder

If this is the case, the best thing to do is not to confront the burglar

Simply because you just don’t know what they are capable of

Your safety and your family safety should come first

What you should do is take you and your family to a safe room until the burglary is over

The safest place would be the bathroom as burglars don’t tend to look there

Wait until they have left before you come out

Try to always remain calm and quiet

It’s not worth taking the risk and confronting an intruder

How To Tell If Someone Is In Your House

Have a look around the house

Do you notice anything being moved

Maybe the couch has been moved slightly

Or cupboard doors have been left open

Have other things been misplaced

If you still think a person is in your house and you know it’s a burglar you should get out of the house as soon as possible

If you’re upstairs and it’s the middle of the night then get yourself to the bathroom

As mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t be a good idea to confront burglar

You don’t know what the burglar has as a weapon and what they are capable of

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Do burglars kill? 

Do burglars carry guns?

Do burglars kill dogs?

You’d rather have valuables taken then putting your life and your family’s life at risk

If you think someone is sneaking in your house you should call the police straight away

You have no idea who could be sneaking in your house and it’s not worth taking any chances

Leave the house if you think it’s a burglar and call the police

What you should do in future is install security cameras around your house

This would deter any burglars or someone who wants to come into your house without permission

Security cameras are a great way to deter burglars

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Another thing you can do is install cameras inside your house

Yes it can be a concern regarding privacy

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What Time Do Burglars Break In At Night?

When we think of burglary and when does it happen

We think it happens at night

But the truth is – it happens during the day!

Yes that’s right

Most break ins happen between the time 10am – 3pm

This is because most people are out at work or gone to school

Easy for a break in to happen as burglars don’t want attention and since nobody is home it’s much easier for them

That is why it’s very important to make sure you have a surveillance system around your house

It adds that extra security as burglars would not want to get caught

If you have CCTV outside your house it will less likely be robbed than a house that has no CCTV at all

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Wrapping Up

If you think someone is in your house and you are pretty certain it’s a burglar, avoid confrontation

You don’t know what the burglar has as a weapon or what they are capable of

Remain calm and stay safe by hiding in a room

As soon as you get the chance, call the police

If you can get out of the house safely do that too


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