Is Sentry Safe a Good Brand Still in 2022

My grandad, dad, and now I use Sentry safe to store our documents and family trinkets. Still, just because it is a market favorite brand does not mean it is the best safe out there. So, it is normal if people ask themselves, “Is Sentry safe a good brand?”.

You have to know more about it and see if Sentry safe suits your needs and wants. Every safe has some criteria they are ranked in. If you get more knowledge about where Sentry safe stands in those criteria, you will be able to decide whether Sentry safe is the most suitable brand for you.

Criteria of A Safe

The best home safe goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of a safe. These requirements are:

  • Fireproof
  • Explosion impervious
  • Water protection
  • Impact resilient

Fire Protection of a Sentry Safe

is sentrysafe a good brand

All Sentry safes are UL (independent Underwriters Laboratory) tested. However, ‘tested’ doesn’t mean that it passed all the fireproofing tests. It only means that the safe participated in those tests.

There are three fire enduring tests: half-hour, one-hour, and two-hour. If a Sentry safe passes the tests, it is termed ‘UL listed’. When buying a safe or deciding between Honeywell vs Sentry Safe, always get the one that is ‘UL listed’.

Manufacturers claim that Sentry safes can withstand temperatures from 1150 F to 1850 F. So, if this is what you are looking for in a safe, then the answer to the question, “is Sentry safe a good brand?” is a resounding yes.

Waterproofing Abilities of a Sentry Safe

Sentry safes are said to resist constant exposure to water for up to 72 hours. It is better to ensure that your safe is waterproof. That way, you can store your precious documents and not worry about ruining them.

Though, not all Sentry safes offer a 72-hour safe guarantee. Some offer only 24 hours. Therefore, check what model of safe you are buying beforehand.

Impact Resilient

Impact resistance means protecting the safe’s contents against external physical damage. Plus, it certifies that the door will stay closed. It does not differentiate between a heavy object dropping on top of the safe and the safe falling from above.

Explosions and Sentry Safes

Flashfire can cause large explosions. During its occurrence, the temperature increases rapidly. And that makes the air inside the safe expand rapidly.

The air will then create extreme air pressure and damage the safe and its contents from the inside. Sentry safes are ‘UL listed’ to survive this hazard.

Security Features of a Sentry Safe

Sentry safe offers four kinds of security protection. They are:

  • Basic protection
  • Moderate protection
  • High protection
  • Maximum protection

Basic protections protect your contents from children’s and nosy neighbors’ eyes. But moderate security safe can survive a brief attack. The high-security feature’s primary use is to store guns.

The maximum protection will seem overkill to an average person. Individuals use it to store a large amount of money.

On the Other Side of The Discussion

An ex-employee who worked for almost 30 years at Sentry safe revealed some inside information about the safe’s quality. After the company changed ownership at the onset of 2013, the employee said its quality declined. So, they advised buying models made before 2013.

Many reviewers are coming forward with tales of misleading advertisements. They were not satisfied with the safes and complained that they malfunctioned. They also said it could be pried open with a hacksaw from the back.

Consumers were robbed and didn’t get any compensation from the company. Instead, they were presented with atrocious service by the corporation.

Looking at the growing number of bad reviews every year, I think it is better to buy pre-2013 models.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Sentry Safes Fireproof

Yes, they are fireproof. Even a $74 safe can withstand temperatures above 1500 F.

How Long will a Sentry Safe Last in a Fire

If the temperature is between 1000 F and 1900 F, it can survive up to two hours of constant exposure.

Where is Sentry Safe Made

The Master Lock company manufactures it in Ney York. Their headquarters is in Wisconsin.

Is Sentry safe UL Rated

Yup. Every Sentry safe is UL approved and undergoes testing before being placed in the market.


I don’t think if anyone does in-depth research, they can still have the question, “Is Sentry safe a good brand?” in their mind. However, some people have other brand preferences, which is their personal choice.

Sentry safes have been making their safes for over 80 years. From making safes for business to creating a range for homeowners, they do it all.

Sentry safes are UL and ETL tested in all aspects. It is the best brand safe in the overall and budget category in the market. So, don’t miss out!

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