Easiest Way to Change the Battery on a Sentry Safe [All Models]

I have been using a Sentry safe to store my beloved possession for years. As it runs on batteries, this means I do not have to worry about power outage failures putting my valuables at risk.

In any model of Sentry safe, changing the battery is very easy. As there are many different models of Sentry safes, for every other model, there is a different way of changing batteries.

Do you want to know the fastest and easiest way to change the dead battery on a Sentry safe? Keep on reading this complete guide to learning more.

What Type of Batteries to Use on Sentry Safe

Sentry safes are one of the most durable safes that run on batteries. This means as long the batteries are working, your safe will be up and running.

You can use any type of battery for Sentry safes. Most Sentry safe use 4 AA, alkaline batteries. Please make sure the batteries you use are from a good brand, high quality, and leak-free.

Non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries should not be used as they will damage the lock’s circuit, and they will not work anymore. Refrain from mixing old and new batteries when replacing the batteries.

How Often Do You Need to Change the Battery of Sentry Safe

sentry safe change battery

Generally, in an electronic safe, batteries last for a minimum of two years. And this will change depending on how frequently you open your safe. Please change your batteries before they die.

It would help if you aimed to change your batteries at least once or twice a year. The newer models have an alarm system that warns you when the battery is low. Do not wait once you see the indicator; you should change your battery immediately to prevent any damage. 

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Sentry Safe Battery Change Methods

Every different model needs its battery changed in different ways. Here are some Sentry safe, changing battery methods:

Battery Located Below Keypad

It is very easy for models that have a battery located below the keypad to change the battery. Usually, models with A3, A4, A5; J3, J4, J5; S0, S3, SB, L0 have their battery below the keypad.

To replace the batteries for the models mentioned above, you will need to put a paper clip or a pen point into a small hole on the left side of the cover to open the battery compartment.

Slide the cover gently to the right and remove the battery holder. Next, take four batteries and place them into the battery holder. Once the battery is placed, slide the cover over the battery compartment.

Battery Compartment Behind the Keypad

Models that start CS, CSW, DA, DS, KS, KSW, MS, MSW, and OA have their battery compartment behind the keypad.

For this kind of model, you have to see the bottom of the safe, and if there is a screw, you have to remove the screw. Please make sure you do not lose the screw.

Once the screw is removed, turn the electric lock in a clockwise motion, and the battery compartment will be revealed. And then change the batteries before turning the lock counterclockwise to close it off.

Battery Compartment Inside the Door

Some models starting with SFW123T, U, and SFW205T, U have the battery compartment inside the safe. To change the batteries, you have to open the safe and then take out the battery compartment.

In some models, the batteries are positioned very low, so the door of the safe cannot open. Do not worry because there is a battery auxiliary override system.

You have to open a silicone cap at the side and use a 9-volt battery to activate the lock. When the lock chimes three times, enter your code, and the safe will open.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to change the battery in every  Sentry safe model. Here are the answers to some of the questions that might come to your mind.

Can you use lithium batteries in Sentry Safe?

No, lithium batteries should not be used.

What happens when the battery dies?

The safe turns off, and you are locked out.

Can I order a replacement for my safe key?

Yes, you can order a replacement for your safe key. But you have to know your model and serial number.

How to use the key lock on a Sentry safe?

If you want to open the key lock, enter the key and turn it clockwise. If you’re going to lock the safe, you have to turn the key in an anticlockwise direction.


Changing the batteries on your safe is something you should learn to do. The Sentry safe will stick with you for a long time if you maintain it properly. For a Sentry safe, changing the battery is as easy as fixing a broken lightbulb. So the next time you need any help with changing the batteries, do not forget to give this guide a read.

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