Easy Steps to Follow if Your Sentry Safe Keypad Not Working

When my Sentry safe keypad froze, I did not know what to do. Panic rushed through me as I thought I would never see my possessions again.

There are many reasons why your sentry safe keypad is not working. But there is nothing to worry about most of the time as you can quickly fix it.

Is your Sentry safe keypad not working? Then keep on reading to know more.

What to Do When Sentry Safe Keypad Not Working

sentry safe keypad not working

Sentry safes are designed to provide the best user experience. And the keypad is an essential feature because every safe has a code that will open. However, sometimes your keypad might not respond.

Here are some of the steps you should take when your Sentry safe keypad might not be working:

Check the Batteries

Sentry safe uses batteries as its power source. So if your safe is not working correctly, the first thing you should do is check the batteries.

Remove the batteries from the battery holder and check the terminals. Even if your batteries are okay, replace them with new ones. Check the expiration date of the batteries before you put them on.

Loose or Damaged Wiring

The circuit boards and electronic wirings are the heart of every electronic device. If your Sentry safe keypad not working, then loose or damaged wiring may be the culprit.

You can check whether the wiring is fine or not. Remove the keypad and look at the wires. Carefully check the cables for any cut or loose connection. If you see any cut, then you have to call a locksmith.

If the wiring is okay, disconnect the wire from the keypad and take out the batteries. Wait for a minimum of 20 seconds then install the batteries and check if the keypad is working correctly or not.

Contact the Company

If your keypad is not working and you have to open your safe, give the company a call as they can help you out. You might have to wait before they get back to you and listen to their instructions carefully.

Before you give them a call, make sure you know the model of your safe. You can find the model of your safe quite easily. Also, it would help if you told them where you bought your safe from.

Call a Locksmith

Calling a locksmith can be expensive, but they can easily pick your lock or break the safe. However, a locksmith may be cheaper than replacing parts of the safe.

You should note that a locksmith will ask for proof of ownership before they pick the lock. So before you call them, make sure you have a valid warranty.

How to Reprogram a Sentry safe

Every Sentry safe user should have a rough idea about how many codes there are in a safe.

The factory code is the first. You can find the five-digit code on the back of your instruction manual. It can’t be modified or deleted, and it’ll always open your safe, so keep the manual and this code safe.

A user code is the second code. This is a set of five digits that you can remove or change as you see fit. A secondary code is a five-digit sequence that can be coded only after a set user code. The secondary code is the final code.

Press the “P” key to reprogram a user code. Then enter the factory code. The light should turn green at this point, and you can enter your five-digit user code. You have five seconds to enter the user code, so do not waste time.

Full Guideline: How to Reset & Reprogram a Sentry Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be very stressful if the keypad of your Sentry safe stops working. So to ease your confusion, you will find below some of the answers to the questions that might come to your mind.

Can I unlock my Sentry safe with a magnet?

Yes, sometimes rare earth magnets can open up your Sentry safe. But those magnets should be handled with care.

How long does a safe battery last?

A safe battery lasts for about two years.

How do you open the door of a safe?

You can open the door using a bypass key or by breaking the door’s seal.

Are electronic safe locks secure?

Yes, electronic safe locks are secure as no one will open the safe without the code.


Sentry Safes are the ultimate protector of your valuable possessions. And the keypad is the vital feature where you enter the code that opens your safe.

I hope you can use this guide whenever you think your Sentry Safe keypad not working to stay worry-free about your valuable possessions.

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