Should Crib Be Against The Wall? 

Setting up your baby’s room is really fun and exciting!

After all, it is one of the very first things you can do and plan for your baby as parents.

We know that one essential thing to get for your baby is a crib!

So, where and how do you exactly put up your baby’s crib?

Should you be a crib against the wall? Is it safe?

It is pretty much easy to claim that the crib is one of the highlights of your baby’s room.

Of course, you would want it to be placed in the best location where you can keep your baby safe.

One option that parents would think of is putting it against the wall.

However, this practice is not really recommended as it may risk your child getting wedged or stuck.

Do not put the crib directly against it, instead leave at least 1 ft gap if you really want the crib to be near the wall. 

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How Far Should a Crib Be From a Wall? 

You can choose to place your baby’s crib near the wall, but ensure that it has at least 1ft or 30 cm gap in between.

This will allow your baby to be safe from any potential hazards, such as falling frames. 

Remember that if you directly put the crib against the wall, it is possible that your infant and the crib will get wedged.

Of course, there are also other potential risks that may put your baby in a risky situation if the crib is placed against the wall.

Should a Crib Be Anchored To a Wall? 

It is best if you do not anchor your baby’s crib to a wall, unless it is being recommended by the crib manufacturer itself.

If there is anything that you should anchor, then it would be the heavy furniture that may put your infant in danger if something bad happens. 

This will help you baby-proof your nursery room and keep your baby safe from any possible accidents.

In fact, you should also keep any potential causes of hazards away from your infant aside from simply anchoring and fastening them. 

Where Is The Safest Place To Put a Crib? 

The location of the crib is extremely important and should really be carefully considered.

Keep in mind that the place where you put your baby’s crib should be away from any furniture, windows, curtains, shelves, power sockets, and others.

With that in mind, you can consider putting the crib near the wall with at least 1 ft gap.

Putting it in a corner is also a good idea, but not directly against the wall.

If you want to put it in a convenient place, set up the crib close to the door so it will be easy for you whenever you need to attend to the needs of your child.

Another best location is to simply put the crib in the middle of the room! 

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What Wall Should I Put The Crib On? 

Any wall will be fine to put your baby’s crib on.

Just keep in mind that it should at least have a gap of 1 ft away to keep the room baby-friendly.

You can simply put the crib near the walls or in the corner as it will prevent the crib and your baby from getting wedged. 

However, it is better not to put the crib near or against outside walls. I

t is because these walls tend to get drafty and cold which may not really be the best situation for your baby

Do not put cribs on walls where there are curtains and nearby furniture to avoid the hazards. 

Is It OK To Put a Crib Near a Window? 

Putting a crib near a window may seem to be a good idea, but it will actually become really dangerous for your baby.

This is because of the risks that your baby may encounter by having windows near them. 

After all, the drapes, curtain, curtain rod, window blinds, and other window accessories may fall on your baby.

The chance of them pulling the cords is really high as well, which may pose a danger of strangulation.

Hence, it is best not to consider the places with windows nearby as potential crib locations.

Can You Put a Crib In The Corner Of a Room? 

It is understandable if you have a lot of baby furniture in your nursery room.

This might call for a need to have a larger space.

Fortunately, putting your baby’s crib in the corner of a room is fine and it is also great for maximizing the space. 

Just keep in the mind that the proper air circulation around the crib should be considered.

If you want to put the crib in the corner of a room, at least have the three sides still exposed to get proper air flow.

Also, make sure that there are no nearby furniture and potential hazards that may put your infant in danger. 

Wrapping Up

Your baby’s room should not only be cute, light, and practical but your nursery room must be baby-friendly as well.

Bear in mind that the crib should not be put up directly against the wall as it may risk your baby and the crib getting wedged. 

Instead, keep a distance of 1 ft away from the wall to also avoid potential dangers.

Other best locations to put the crib are in the middle of the room, near the doorway, and in the corner as long as all hazards are eliminated. 

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