Should You Put Cameras In Your House

Home security is very important if you want your house to be safe from burglars

If you’re living in a neighborhood where crime is very high then it’s very important to install security cameras around your house on the outside

But here’s a question some people may ask – Should you put cameras in your house? 

I think it would be a good idea to do so


Because if you’re not at home and your family is out as well

At least you can keep an eye inside your home

Last thing you want is an intruder to get into your house when you’re not there

Most burglaries happen between 10am – 3pm – this is because at this time most people are out of their house either to work or school

If a burglar happens to get past your outdoor security, you can see them in your house

I know you may not be able to do anything but you can get their faces on CCTV

Or another option is to install timer lights

These lights can be controlled by you when you’re not at home

So if you know an intruder is inside, you can switch on the lights in any of the room or even any appliance

This would startle the burglar and hopefully they make a run for it as burglars tend to avoid confrontation

Should I Have a Camera In My House?

For sure you should

As I mentioned earlier it’s a great way of keeping an eye inside your home when you’re not there

Having cameras inside your home is a good way of stopping burglaries too

If a burglar notices a camera in your home, this may stop them what they’re doing and make a run for it!

Outside cameras and inside cameras gives your home a better protection from being robbed

Yes it would be a very wise investment

You are protecting your home and the valuables inside your house

It’s a good way of deterring burglars

Think about it – if a burglar was deciding to rob a house

They see your house full of security cameras and another house without cameras

Which house would they target?

Your house would less likely be robbed

So yes, it’s a very good investment

If you can’t afford security cameras at the moment

You can put fake security cameras around the house until you have saved up enough money to put real ones

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Where Should Security Cameras Be Placed On a House?

Before putting cameras inside your home

You should have them set up outside your house first

You want burglars to know there are security cameras

Before I talk about where to put them – do remember to make sure they are high enough so they are out of reach

Or at least screwed tightly onto the wall

I say this because security cameras can be stolen too!

Yes that’s right!

I go into more detail in my article – Can security cameras be stolen?

Anyways, where should place cameras outside your house?

Here’s a list of where you should put cameras

  • Front door
  • Back and side doors
  • Off street windows
  • Garage
  • Backyard

These are places where a burglar may force entry into a house so having cameras there would hopefully stop them from robbing your house

Now what about inside your house?

It’s very important to remember about privacy

So you can’t have security cameras in your bathroom or even in some bedrooms

For example, you shouldn’t have cameras in your children’s bedroom

You can put cameras on the front door inside your home

Maybe by the windows as this an entry point for burglars

In your hallway

You could even put cameras in your bedroom

I won’t go too much detail about why in your bedroom as I talk about this in my article – Can I put a security camera in my bedroom?

Wrapping Up

Installing security cameras around your house is a great way of protecting your home from being robbed

Cameras act a great deterrent to burglars

If you want to have that extra security, you should put cameras inside your home too

This way, you can keep an eye out inside your house when you and your family are not there

However, you should think about privacy concerns too

Maybe have a time restriction on when cameras are recording inside the home

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