Someone Broke Into My House While I Was Sleeping

If someone has broke into your house while you were sleeping it can be a very worrying and anxious time

Waking up knowing your house has been robbed is not a good experience

This can happen because of a lack of due diligence from our side unfortunately

Someone has broke into your house because they got in easily

Now you need to look at how this happened

Was this because you left the window open at night?

Maybe you forgot to lock the front door?

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The front door and window are the most common break in entries for burglars

So what you need to do is always double check your door and windows before you go to sleep

That’s what I personally do

You have to make sure they are both locked

One idea could be to use security bars on windows and doors

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Did you lock your backyard gate before you went to sleep

Burglars also use the backyard gate to gain entry into a house

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Do Burglars Break In When You Are Sleeping?

You’d be surprised to know most burglaries and break ins happen during the day

When we think of burglary, we think at night but this is not the case

Burglaries tend to happen during the day between the time 10am – 3pm

You may wonder why at this time?

It’s because at this time nobody is home so it’s easier for a house to be robbed

Most people are at work or school so it just makes it easier for a burglar to break into a house

Now you may be thinking – Someone Broke Into My House While I Was Sleeping and this was at night

Well, some burglaries do happen at night too

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This shows us we should take precautions in regards to securing our homes both during the day and night

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That is why it’s important to have security cameras around your house

This way it can deter burglars from entering your home

Last thing a burglar would want is to be caught on camera

Does that mean if you have security cameras it will stop burglary?

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Now if security cameras or a surveillance system is too expensive for you because I mean they are expensive

It might be a good idea to put up fake security cameras for the time being until you have enough money to install real security cameras (Related article – Do fake security cameras work?)

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What should you do if someone is breaking into your house?

If you see someone breaking into your house or you’re inside your house and someone has come in it can be very scary!

So what should you do?

Well you should avoid confrontation

Don’t go and confront the intruder

This can be very dangerous


Because you have no idea what this person is capable of

As some burglars carry weapons with them (Related article – Do burglars carry guns?)

Some burglars can even go to the extent of killing (Related article – Do burglars kill?)

You just don’t know what could happen

So I would recommend you to stay calm (I know it’s easy to say but you have to try)

Keep you and your family safe

You should hide somewhere in your house, for example in the bathroom as burglars won’t usually check the bathroom (Check out my article – Do burglars go upstairs?)

Keep quiet and let the burglars just get on with it until you know they have gone

You should then call the police as soon as possible

If you get the chance to call the police whilst hiding, do that too

If you’re downstairs and a burglar comes into your house then try to get out of the house

You want to avoid confrontation, that’s the main thing

Your life is more valuable then what a burglar may take

Sometimes a burglar won’t actually take anything you’d be surprised to know

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If they don’t take anything then does that mean they will come back a second time?

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If you feel like they will come back a second time then you should definitely improve your home security

Maybe you can put security cameras inside your house too 

What Time Do Burglars Break In At Night? 

There is no specific time

To be honest that’s not important because what you need to focus on and ensure is your house is safe at night

You need to make sure all windows and doors are locked

If you can invest in a surveillance system or you have one, make sure it’s working

It’s about making your house not attractive or an easy target for burglars

Hide your valuables out of sight too

Wrapping Up

Someone breaking into your house while you were sleeping can be really scary and cause lots of anxiety

It’s not nice waking up knowing you’ve been robbed or someone has broken in

That is why it’s important to make sure you have door locks and window locks as this is the most common entry point for burglars

If you know there is an intruder in your home, avoid confrontation and hide in a safe place

You don’t know what an intruder is capable of so it’s best to keep yourself and your family safe


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