Stair Gate On Bedroom Door

Ensuring your baby’s safety should always be one of your top priorities as a parent.

Babygates are often installed to keep the baby in their room and prevent accidents.

However, some parents do not like using these gates as they may also pose danger.

Stair gates or baby gates are essential tools for moms and dads out there to keep their young kids safe.

These gates prevent kids from climbing the down stairways and keep them away from other dangerous areas, especially without supervision from the parents.

It surely does not hurt to install stair gates in your child’s bedroom, although some parents prefer to remove or not install them depending on their preferences.

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Where Should Stair Gates Be Placed? 

Of course, childproofing your home is not really easy as it takes a lot of things to consider.

If you are thinking of installing a stair gate to protect your baby, it is better to know beforehand where you would place it. 

Generally, stair gates should be installed at the top and at the bottom of the stairs.

This will prevent your kids from climbing up and down your stairs and prevent accidents.

However, it is recommended to install the gate at the top and safely screw it into the walls to avoid serious accidents. 

I personally have a stair gate at the top of my stairs

That way I know, If I’m asleep and my toddler gets up, he can’t go downstairs

Or if I need to keep him upstairs, I can keep the gate closed knowing there’s no way for him to go downstairs so he’s safe in that respect

Should I Put a Baby Gate On My Toddler’s Door? 

If your toddler’s room is located on the upper floors with stairs, then consider putting a baby gate on their door.

Stair gates are extremely useful and essential in keeping your kid inside their room safely. 

These gates will surely give you a peace of mind that your kid will not be able to leave their room and fall down the stairs.

Just ensure that the gate is installed correctly and safely, so it does not become the source of trouble itself. 

When Should You Stop Using Stair Gates? 

Of course, your stair gate will not be used forever.

Generally, it is okay to remove the stair gate once your child has reached 2 years old.

Though there may be instances where even your kid is already 2 years old, you would still need a stair gate to keep them safe. 

So, the safest and probably more accurate rule to follow is when your kid can open or climb over the gate itself.

It will be best to simply remove the stair gate once it no longer works for your child in terms of keeping them safe. 

My son is 3 years old and I still have the stair gate

For me, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

My son can actually walk downstairs himself but I still prefer to have the gate shut upstairs just to be on the safe side

How Do I Stop My Toddler From Leaving The Room At Night?

The thought of your toddler leaving the room is really frightening and worrying.

After all, you would never know when an accident will happen to them if they are on their own.

To ensure that they won’t leave the room, it is better to establish a bed routine for them. 

This may include reading your child a story, having sleep rules, and other techniques that work for your child.

Use also a stair gate to have a peace of mind that your child would not be able to get out of the room on her own, and keep your toddler away from dangerous situations or areas. 

Always remain calm and firm to your child whenever you find your child leaving the room.

If it is possible, explain to your child the purpose of staying in their room, so they would understand what you are doing and why they have to stay in their room 

Should You Shut Your Child’s Bedroom Door At Night? 

Absolutely, yes.

Always make sure you close the door of your child’s bedroom, especially at night.

This will keep your child safe from leaving the room and potentially experiencing an accident, like falling down the staircase. 

Also, shutting the door of their bedroom would definitely save their lives in case of fire accidents.

Closed doors would actually buy more time for your kid as it will prevent the spread of fire that quickly.

Hence, always make sure to keep the door closed to keep your baby safe from any horrifying and emergency accidents. 

Wrapping Up

Having stair gates is a great way to keep your baby safe.

These gates prevent your child from leaving their room and helps keep them away from dangerous areas, like stairs.

If you have trouble containing your kid in their bedroom, installing a baby gate would definitely be helpful to you. 

However, just make sure the gate is installed and screwed securely.

You can safely remove the gate already once your child can now climb over the gate or open it without any issues.

As a general rule of thumb, stair gates may be removed once your child is 2 years old. 

Of course, this is entirely up to you when you decide it’s the best time

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