Swann Playback Not Working On Iphone

Most security cameras nowadays can be viewed and accessed on cell phones.

Commonly, their features are both accessible on android and IOS systems, but there could still be some issues unfortunately

Now if you have a Swann camera surveillance system that is connected to your iPhone

One question people tend to ask or search is – My Swann playbacks not working on my iPhone

There might be some problems that would need troubleshooting.

Luckily, fixing this issue can be done quickly.

If you have been receiving errors to playback your Swann videos, you might want to double check your internet connection.

If you are connected fine, then try updating the Swann application on your device as some versions might be related to fixing the bugs.

Updating your phone operating system to its latest version might also help. 

Let’s get into more detail in this article

How Do I Play Swann Security Cameras On My IPhone? 

Playing and accessing your Swann security cameras on your iPhone is quite easy.

First, you would need to install the latest version of the Swann security app on your phone.

This is where you can easily control and access your security cameras. 

The next steps would be pretty much easy as well.

After downloading, you would have to create an account in the Swann security app.

If you already have an account, simply log in to access all the videos and controls of your security camera. 

Lastly, simply pair the Swann device you want to access and control.

The application would also require you to log in the password of your security cameras which can be found on the manual. 

Why Can’t I See My Swann Cameras On My Phone? 

Unable to see or sync with your swann cameras on your phone might indicate that there is a connection problem.

Check again your Swann security camera application and try to search and pair with your device.

You may reboot your camera as sometimes it would just need to re-set up the IP address it needs.

If it is really not working, make sure that both of your phone and your Swann cameras are connected to one network.

Try rebooting your modem or your network connection devices to reset your internet connection.

Normally, you may see your Swann cameras again once you are connected to a stable internet. 

Is There a Problem With Swann Security? 

There have already been problems encountered by many Swann security users, though it is inevitable that some cameras might really malfunction sometimes.

Normally, it would need you to update your security app as some versions might have patch solutions to the bugs it encounters. 

If updating to the latest version does not help, you might also consider rebooting your camera, phone, and internet router.

Make sure you are also connected to a stable and strong internet connection to minimize all possible problems.

Does Swann Work With Apple?

Accessing security camera systems nowadays are extremely convenient and easy.

Most security cameras can now also be played, viewed, and controlled on your cell phone.

This is also the same case for Swann security cameras.

Swann security application can be both downloaded on android and IOS cell phones.

It works perfectly with both phone operating systems, allowing you to easily monitor your home on your cell phone

Do Swann Cameras Record All The Time?

By default, Swann security cameras are set up to record continuously.

Most homeowners do not see it necessary to use their security camera to record all the time as, normally, the recording footage would still be limited.

Usually, the footage would only last for up to 7 days rolling. 

Of course, Swann cameras can be customized

You can simply change the recording settings of your camera whether you would want to record 24/7 or not. 

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Wrapping Up

Swann security cameras can now easily be accessed on your mobile phone.

However, there are few instances where you will be unable to playback the footages on your Iphone.

This happens because of some few problems, but there are many ways to troubleshoot it. 

To fix it, make sure that your phone and camera are connected to one stable internet connection.

You can also update your IOS system to its latest version and update the security application just in case it has bugs. 


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