What Do Burglars Not Steal?

Getting an intruder inside your home is an immediate threat.

It is quite easy and common to think that these intruders would not leave your house with empty hands.

But do you know that there are still things that these burglars do not steal?

So you may be wondering – What do burglars not steal?

Some things that burglars do not steal are food, grocery, and even large appliances.

Of course, this is just only a few of the possible things that may not appeal to them.

In general, burglars would also not steal something they think that does not have a high value or importance for them.

Regardless, it is still better to get security systems to avoid having intruders inside your home.

Did you know – Burglars may even steal security systems!

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Let’s go into more detail on what burglars will not steal

Things That Burglars Do Not Steal 

Burglars may sometimes leave your house empty-handed, but this is not always the same.

Here are some things that burglars do not really care about stealing.

1. Food 

Some burglars may just leave your food behind as they will usually target houses to get the most valuable things inside.

If burglars want to steal food, they are most likely to target grocery or convenience stores as it is the best place for such items.

2. Large appliances

Large appliances are something that burglars often leave alone.

It is not primarily because these appliances do not have value.

Stealing televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other heavy appliances would only become a hindrance for the thieves to have their escape successfully. 

They can steal this if they got the time, for example if they know you’re not at home

Or maybe you’re gone on vacation and they know this

3. Invaluable items 

Of course, invaluable or generic items will not catch the attention of the intruders.

Burglary often lasts only for a few minutes, hence thieves must be so quick in stealing small, yet valuable items.

They will not bother sacrificing some space for not so important things. 

If you want to keep your valuables safe, it would be a good idea to invest in a safe

A safe that would be hard to steal!


Because burglars would even steal safes

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What Do Burglars Steal Most? 

Burglars would also likely have a list in their mind already what they want to steal.

Top items in their list are commonly cash, jewelries, gadgets, medicines, cars, bikes, and even your personal documents. 

This is because these items possess so much value that it will be too hard for them to ignore.

After all, most of the stolen goods make a lot of money when sold, such as jewelry, cars, and gadgets.

Burglars would also steal medicine and your identity to sell in the black market or use it for fraud. 

What Do Burglars Look For? 

Burglars know what to look for and where they should go to get their target items.

Most of the time, they will look for cash, jewelry, medicines, and even your car keys to steal your car.

Of course, they will also not ignore other valuable items that may bring them a hefty sum of money when sold. 

This is why it is important that you get a high quality security alarm in your home.

It allows you to consistently monitor any possible intruders and put up better protection in your house. 

Which Houses Do Burglars Target? 

Burglars have a lot of criteria in selecting their target house to break in.

They always plan ahead and do a careful selection of the houses.

These burglars have a lot of things to consider before choosing a house.

These criminals love houses that are in a quiet neighborhood area that has a lot of possible escape routes, such as windows, doors, roads, and more.

They will also look for houses that do not have any dogs to avoid risks.

Houses that do not have a strong security are prone to burglars, and most especially to houses that appear to be empty inside. 

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What Houses Do Burglars Avoid? 

Houses that have tight security are a big no no for burglars.

They also hate breaking into houses that are located in a very bright and lively neighborhood as there is a higher chance of getting caught.

Dogs will also become a deal breaker for them as they pose too much threat to burglars.

But do remember, burglars are capable of doing anything such as killing your dog!

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Not only dogs, but burglars are capable of killing as well

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Anyways, most importantly, burglars will never break into someone’s house that has people inside.

They will also avoid two-story houses as it is likely that the things they want to steal are located on the second floor.

Remember, burglars would only want to limit the stay inside a house. 

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Where Do Robbers Look First? 

Top places or rooms that thieves would target first are the master’s bedroom, study, office, and your living room.

This is because it is likely that most of the valuable items are stored in these rooms.

For instance, cash and your personal information would most likely be in your personal room. 

That is why it’s very important to keep your bedroom door locked

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There might also be some expensive displays that might be inside your office, study, or living room.

Naturally, burglars would seize this opportunity to fill up their bags and steal them. 

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Wrapping Up

Burglars would not steal food, large appliances, and other invaluable things that they do not think are necessary.

On the other hand, these intruders might just go look inside your bedroom, office, and any other part of your house that may have your cash, car keys, personal documents, and many more.

Remember that you may not want your house to appear easily to break in.

This is why it is really important to install security cameras to secure and protect your home effectively. 

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