Which Houses Do Burglars Avoid?

Burglars selectively choose their target houses and there are a lot of things they must consider before settling in choosing a house they want to rob 

If you want to know which houses burglars avoid, keep reading!

In this way, you can also turn your house into a house that burglars would definitely want to avoid!

Not all houses can become the target of burglars.

These thieves carefully choose and evaluate houses that they can forcibly enter

Houses that always have people at home are usually deal breakers.

Burglars would never enter a house that has people around as it is extremely risky for them and burglars want to take the lowest risk possible

They also avoid houses that have tight home security systems and are full of dogs.

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Two-storey houses are avoided as well, since most of the time, the most important rooms are located in the upper floors making it more difficult to access and steal valuable items 

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Before we carry on, I want to mention how it’s important to keep valuables out of sight

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What Type Of Houses Do Burglars Target? 

Location-wise, burglars prefer houses that are located in isolated or quiet neighborhoods.

They are also likely to target houses that have easy escape routes as it will be quite easier for them to break in and escape. 

Thieves would also look for houses that have poor security, such as open windows and open doors, and those with a lot of entrance and exit points.

They will also prefer to break into houses that do not have upper floors since it would mean that even the most important rooms will be accessible for them to enter as it’s all on one floor 

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What Houses Get Robbed The Most? 

Burglary is quite common and some neighborhoods have especially high robbery rates.

The most common houses that are often targeted by these burglars are ones with poor security.

Houses that are also isolated or located in low-traffic areas are also at risk more than any houses out there.

After all, there are less chances of getting caught.

These burglars also target houses that are often left empty.

Remember that burglars prefer to break into homes that do not have someone around 

Once they have confirmed that they have a long time to do their plan, they would go for it.

One way of burglars checking if the house is empty is by tapping on the window 

What Makes a House Attractive To Burglars? 

There are certain characteristics that burglars consider to qualify a house as a potential target.

Burglars specifically look for houses that have poor security, such as doors and windows with easy or vulnerable locks.

It is a bonus for them if the house does not have security cameras that can see them as well.

Houses that are isolated, empty, and with a lot of entrance and exit points are highly considered as potential targets.

These burglars are also keen enough to check small details like unkempt yard, stacks of mail in mailbox, and other signs that could mean that there is no one inside the house for a while.

It is also attractive to them if the house has great escape routes and hiding places nearby.

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How Do Burglars Select Houses? 

It can pretty much be considered that some burglars consider their way of work as a full-time job.

After all, selecting a target house is not as easy as it seems.

They would even have to spend a few days and even weeks just to pick a house to break in.

Burglars would first examine your house from afar.

This may involve walking and lurking in your house vicinity to monitor you, your schedule, and observe your house itself.

At this time, they will mentally note down details, such as the time your house is empty, possible entrance and escape points, and any signs of a security system they need to avoid. 

Then they might also leave symbols in your house to mark it.

It could be anything they would need to remember about your house.

If the situation and your house is a perfect target, they would attempt to break in.

Burglars can be smart but you can be one step ahead

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Where Do Most Burglars Enter The Home?

Burglars consider their entrance and exit points when they are currently identifying your house as a target.

Although it is a bold move, most thieves enter houses through the front door.

This is likely because they are confident that no one is around to see them entering your house. 

Some thieves would also break in through first floor windows.

This is the next most used entrance point for burglars, especially those windows that have vulnerable locks.

Garage doors and back doors are also used by these thieves to enter your house and sneak in. 

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What Is The Biggest Deterrent To Burglars? 

The biggest deterrents that burglars would definitely want to avoid are security cameras.

These deterrents prove to be the great deal breakers for burglars.

Once they spot a camera in a house, they will definitely avoid it as it’s just not worth the risk 

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Security cameras are extremely risky as they can simply monitor and catch burglars that would attempt to break in.

It also serves as a great evidence against burglars, the reason why they are the greatest deterrents.

Surveillance systems are sure a great investment!

Wrapping Up

Burglars would target houses that have poor security systems, have good escape routes, vulnerable locks and are located in isolated or silent neighborhoods.

The target houses are also carefully selected and observed first before the actual break in to minimize the potential risks. 

Normally, burglars would watch the houses they want to target for a few days and look for the best possible time to enter.

If you want to keep your house safe, it is highly recommended to install security cameras to keep these thieves away.


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