Which is Better Honeywell or Sentry Safe

A few days ago, I looked for a quality safe to put my precious old family pictures. Both Honeywell and Sentry safe is renowned safes. So, between Sentry safe vs. Honeywell, which is better?

There are pros and cons to Sentry safe and Honeywell products. In general, the pricier it is, the better it is. Also, a safe’s characteristics are different based on various models.

Below are the features and comparisons between a Honeywell safe and a Sentry safe. I hope it helps other people who were as confused as me as to which to choose.

I specifically focused on portable fireproof safes since I was looking into them. Even if portability is not your focus in your choice of a safe, I hope this was helpful to you.

Comparing Sentry Safe vs Honeywell

sentry safe vs honeywell

All safe models have various characteristics but, they are similar. The overall best fireproof safe for documents, Sentry safe SFW123GDC, has only an electric lock. You only need to remember the passcode.

And there are more password options. Some electronic locks have manual keys if you want them.

However, changing the battery is a hassle. The Honeywell Safes & Door Locks – 30 Minute Fire Safe model has an electrical lock and a key lock.

A Honeywell safe is made of more durable materials than a Sentry safe. It can also protect its contents in underwater for longer.

It is larger but has adequate space to store legal documents. Sentry safe can withstand 150 degrees Fahrenheit more than the Honeywell safe.

Still, the Honeywell alarm is the lock type, while Sentry safe alarm is the anti-thief type.

FeaturesSentry SafeHoneywell
Temperature Endurance1700 F1550 F
Interior Dimensions13.8″ x 12.6″ x 11.9″10.2″ x 15″ x 12″
Water ResistantETL confirmed up to 8 in. of water for up to 24 hours.Autonomously verified up to 24 Hours – 39 in. / 1 m Depth for up to 24 hours
Lock TypeElectronicElectronic, Key  

Sentry Safe


It is 20.6 inches tall and 15.6 inches wide. It has a depth of 8.2 inches.


It weighs only 24 pounds. It is very light.

Fire Protection:

It can survive a continuous fire for half an hour provided that the temperature is below 1550 F. It is UI classified.


It has a limited loading capacity. It can store only 0.4 cubic feet of objects.


It has an ETL-proven waterproof seal.


  • Can be carried easily
  • Portable and you can take it anywhere with you.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Sentry safe will replace it for free if destroyed in a fire.
  • Cheap


  • Durability is not high.
  • Low storage space.

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It is larger than the Sentry safe model. It is 15.9 inches in length and 14.2 inches in width.

Its height is 17.4 inches.


It is a heavy model. It weighs 86.8 pounds.

Fire Protection:

It can stand a fire of 1700 F for one hour, which is more than the Sentry safe.


It has an internal storage of 0.73 cubic feet.

Water Resistance:

It has a waterproof cabinet.


  • Durable.
  • Honeywell gives a warranty of seven years
  • Has more storage space
  • Can last longer in a fire
  • Has a waterproof cabinet and double steel wall


  • It is bulky and cannot be easily hidden
  • Rather pricy

So, Which One is Better?

As you can see above, I tried to display various Honeywell and Sentry safe models to show how unique each model can be. Both of them are tempting in their own right.

I bought a Sentry safe because I needed it to store some nostalgic things. Plus, they are cheap and portable. On the other hand, because they are cheap, a thief could easily break through them.

So, I would buy a Honeywell safe with high durability and an automatic lock if I had valuable stuff to hide. Though, Honeywell safes are bulky and cumbersome. It is also not that portable.

You cannot stash it away at a moment’s notice. Thus, there is no better choice in Sentry safe vs Honeywell. You pick what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Honeywell a Good Brand for Safes

Currently, a model of Honeywell safe can endure being underwater for 100 hours and a temperature of 1700 F. It is a recommended brand.

Are Sentry Safes a Good Choice

Before 2013, Sentry safe’s reputation was untouchable. But, nowadays, a lot of bad reviews are cropping up. Still, they are an old and renowned company.

Is Sentry Safe Easy to Break

It depends on the model. Some claim to be burglar-proof. If a burglar broke one of those models, contact Sentry safe for help.

Is Sentry Safe Fireproof

It is fireproof if a seal of ‘UI listed’ is attached to the safe.

What is the difference between Honeywell 1104 and 1114?

The 1114 model is more than 20 percent lighter than Honeywell 1104.

Are All Sentry Safe Keys the Same?

Some people have complained that they can open their Sentry safe with any retail bought Sentry Safe key or a screwdriver. Others have said that the safes are keyed differently. There are confusing opinions about it.


The Sentry Safe vs. Honeywell is a rather childish debate. As you can see above, no two models are the same. If your budget is low, maybe a Sentry safe model is good for you.

Or if you afford a better quality one, maybe a Honeywell is the overall best for you in that price range. It all depends on your needs and affordability.

For me, what was needed was safe to keep my photographs safe. So, I choose the best fireproof safe according to my budget. It was a Sentry safe.

An automated lock is best for you if you usually lose your keys. Or a biometric lock. Nonetheless, safes are not a substitute for banks.

An experienced robber can even open an old Sentry safe model. And they are supposed to be impenetrable!

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