Why Does My Swann Security Camera Keep Going Offline?

Owning a security camera is really a huge boost to your business or home security.

It helps a lot in deterring burglars, preventing break ins, and making your home or place safer than ever.

Unfortunately, some cameras, like the Swann security camera, may encounter some problems along the way.

If your camera keeps on going offline for no reason, then you might need to do some troubleshooting.

Swann security cameras, for instance, may repeatedly turn on and off because of poor internet problems.

Your security camera may have trouble receiving the signal all throughout the day if the internet connection is unstable.

It is also possible that your camera keeps going offline because there is a problem with its power, mainly your outage. 

Having a strong internet connection is very important if you have the Swann security camera

How Do I Get My Swann Security Cameras Back Online? 

Having your swann security cameras keep going off might be pretty annoying and troublesome.

After all, you would want to prevent any malfunctions to them to keep your house safe

To troubleshoot the problem, check the power wiring and even the outage as the root problem might be because of its power.

Make sure that all wirings are in good condition too.

You can also check the internet connectivity of your Swann camera as you can get it fixed by having a stronger internet connection.

If none of them works, try considering rebooting your swann camera and see if it would fix the problem.

Otherwise, contact the support group of Swann and ask them to replace or repair your security camera. 

Why Does My Swann DVR Keep Going Offline?

Your Swann DVR might be facing internet connection problems.

It is possible that there is an issue with your network connection directly, making your Swann DVR face some troubles in getting signal and connection.

Try to relocate your modem or improve the internet connectivity of your Swann DVR.

Also check if there is a problem with your device wirings that may be behind the unreasonable malfunction of your Swann DVR.

After troubleshooting, reboot your device to fix the problem.

Why Does My Wi-Fi Camera Keep Disconnecting?

There is only one possible reason why your wifi camera keeps on disconnecting.

There is a problem with your internet connection, the reason behind its disconnection.

Try to put your wifi modem into a place nearer to your wifi camera to boost the signal. 

Make sure there are no possible hindrances that may disrupt the signal that your wifi camera has to receive along the way as well.

Also consider getting a wifi connection with higher bandwidth and speed to support your wifi camera. 

Where Is The Reset Button On Swann Camera?

Sometimes, you need to reset your entire Swann camera to fix the issues that you’ve been having a hard time with.

But some people find it confusing regarding the location of its reset button.

The reset button of Swann cameras is found at the back of your device.

You will see a pin hole that has “reset” name on it.

You would need to get a pin to insert and hold for at least 10 seconds to reset your camera.

Make sure you plug your camera off first from its NVR, power adapter, or PoE switch before resetting. 

What Causes Video Loss In Security Cameras?

Video loss is one of the most common camera issues we have.

If you are experiencing video loss in your security camera, then the problem would be its power.

It is possible that there is an insufficient power supply to your camera, leading to this problem. 

To troubleshoot your camera, fix all the cable connections that are faulty.

Make sure to check every power connection of your camera and replace all cables that are not in good condition.

By ensuring that your camera has enough power supply, video loss would not be a problem anymore. 

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Wrapping Up

Swann security cameras are one of the brands that offer good security cameras.

However, you might encounter some problems such as its frequent malfunction regarding its power.

You can easily troubleshoot these problems by checking your internet connection and improving your device connectivity.

Make sure that your security device has sufficient power supply as well to prevent other issues like video loss. 

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