Why Would a Burglar Not Take Anything

In this article we are going to talk about the possible reasons why a burglar would not take anything

It would be weird for your house to be robbed but literally nothing has been taken

Okay, it won’t be weird but it would be a sense of relief to know nothing has been stolen

But the question you might have is – Why would a burglar not take anything?

Well in short – maybe you had nothing at home that is valuable to a burglar

Or it could be the valuables they wanted to take is too large and it would be very risky

I’m talking about your TV or other things that’s large to take

Another theory is, they didn’t have time

They hesitated and quickly left

Here’s the scary thing

They might come back again to have another shot at your house

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The good news is,

You can be more prepared in protecting your home

I don’t mean home alone style

But maybe you can improve security at home

If you don’t have a surveillance system at home, maybe it’s time to invest in one

Cameras around the house and securing your doors is another option too

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One thing you need to keep in mind is hiding cameras and surveillance system


Because they can be stolen too

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So if a burglar wouldn’t take anything

You might wonder what do most burglars take?

Let’s find out

What Do Most Burglars Take?

When burglars enter a house to rob

They want to be there quick in and out

So they’ll take whatever they can get their hands on

TV’s and stereos won’t be ideal for burglars

Burglars look for expensive goods that is small but valuable

They would steal things such as

  • Jewellery
  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Hardware tools
  • Car keys
  • Money (if you keep it at home)

As you can see

Most things are small and easy to take

That is why you should have all this out of sight

Did you know burglars go to the bedroom first as they know that’s where valuables are mostly kept

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You should hide valuables and make it difficult to find

It might be a good idea to buy a strong safe which you can keep your valuables inside

I have written an article comparing two awesome safe brands which you should definitely check out if you’re thinking of purchasing a safe

Honeywell or Sentry safe – Which is better?

By having a safe you know your valuables are out of sight and secure

But here’s another thing

Burglars steal safes too!

This means you need to ensure you have a safe that’s not easy to steal

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Do Burglars Target Empty Houses?

Burglars would usually target houses they know will be vacant during the day

So what they would do is, watch your house for a few days to make sure they know your routine

If they know you go to work at a certain time and nobody is home, they would then strike!

That is why most burglaries happen between 10am – 3pm as people are out of their house during this time

Some burglars would casually knock and see if anyone is home

A ring doorbell would be a good idea as you can see who’s knocking at your door

Security cameras is another great option because you can see your house from anywhere by connecting it to your cell phone

They can be expensive but it’s definitely a wise investment!

Securing your doors is something you should do as most burglars enter through the front door

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Windows is the next entry point for burglars

You should always make sure you have closed and locked your windows if you’re going out during the day

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What Time Do Burglars Break In At Night?

Although most burglaries happen during the day between 10 – 3pm, there is no set time a burglar would break in at night

They can enter during the night at any time

I talk about this in my article – Chances of someone breaking into your house at night 

But the important thing to remember is making sure your house is safe and secure

For example locking the front door at night 

Another thing you can do is lock your bedroom door as well

I explain why in my article – 9 reasons to lock your bedroom door at night

If you have a backyard gate, I would advise you to make sure your backyard gate is locked too 

Now if someone has broken into your house at night and you know there is someone inside your house

I would strongly recommend you not to confront the burglar


Because you have no idea what they’re capable of or if they have a weapon

It would be best to let them be

You keep you and your family safe – that’s what is most important

Burglars are capable of anything

I talk about this and also discuss in detail what you should in my article – Do burglars kill?

What Day Of The Week Do Most Burglaries Happen?

According to research, most burglaries happen on a Friday

To be honest, what day of the week it happens is not really important

What’s important is how well you are prepared

Is your home safe?

Do you have surveillance system around your house?

Are your doors and windows locked?

Making your house safe and secure would be a deterrent for burglars

It would make it less likely a burglar would target your home

Wrapping Up

A burglar would not steal anything for a number of reasons

These could be

  • They didn’t have enough time
  • They got disturbed (Neighbors or alarm system)
  • Nothing valuable to take
  • Drug related

What you need to be aware of is they can come back a second time

You need to make sure your house is fully protected and safe by installing CCTV cameras around the house

An alarm system would be a good idea too

I think you will find the tips and tricks shared in this article How to trick burglars very useful so do make sure you have a read!


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